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Re: v1.3 Update

JohnCena wrote:This sounds spicy as my memes.Can't wait for the update so i can rko some scps mates.
JohnCena wrote:spicy as my memes.
JohnCena wrote:MEMES

Re: Official Five Nights at Freddy's Discussion Thread

My friend said "The 4th game is different. You play as a kid" You have no character development, and the character does nothing different. So how does that make the ENTIRE game different? (Also, I guess you can have some development, if you do some fucking, go into the game as if you were trying to ...

Re: v1.3 Update

Sad_ness wrote:Do you guys think 1.3 will release this week?
I think one of the creators (I think Vane) said something about it coming out somewhere around the beginning of July.

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