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Re: Random Off-Topic discussion

[youtube]9W-WdRXTl_I[/youtube] Yeah, I suck at Modern Warfare. Well, when you start a game, of course you're not going to do well (unless you've played CoD before, because come on, bro). By the way, I suggest getting a console. At least for games like Call of Duty, It's not all that necessary to mo...

Re: Ambient Music

Ok, thanks guys, but I've been a bit busy so now I can finally respond in the right context. Anyways, I'll use The Dread as an example. [youtube]0DX-fdPzo4Y[/youtube] Going to Firefox's point, yes, it is VERY much like Thief's soundtrack. The difference is Thief is more minimalistic and utilises mor...

Re: Random Off-Topic discussion

Our question: Wat (and no, this is not photoshop'd) The only wrong thing I see is "contig.exe" Your response: The first successful human penis transplant is announced by Stellenbosch University in South Africa. Fascinating.... WHAT IS WRONG WITH THAT PICTURE?!

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