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Re: SCP-096 in maintenance tunnels?

Of course he'll eat your face if you look at HIS. What were you thinking boyo? :096: I thought it was a bug at the time so I mentioned that it would still get enraged because I was trying to tell readers as much as possible about what I thought was a bug. I was only joking :) I pretty much had the ...

Re: Sorry #2

Airplane611 wrote:Eric?
MonocleBios put so much effort into that text and you just skip it?
I'd spank your butt for being a brat if I could.

Re: Drawings needed for [REDACTED]

Euh do you realize that you written? You said whom we work is made with ms paint? :? Bah then, we see expert, several drawing were made with Photoshop. Furthermore he asks exactly for what we are doing: a drawing that must show D-9341 meeting a SCP. Then I see not what annoys you and if not pleases...

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