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Re: SCP-087-B Extended Edition

'Ello. Figured I'd sign up here, because why not. I'm sure Jack already knows who I am at this point xD. But yeah, I'm one of the many peeps that played this (and also recorded it), and liked it. I'll just leave my playlist here (in spoiler bars OFC) for those of ye.

Re: SCP-3008

Cool ideia! Though i think is better to make an game about it, since it would be an REALLY BIG feature in the game. (Also, don't forget Blitz3D and its "Hard-to-Defeat Limitations" :wink: )

Re: Introduce yourself thread

Lore introduction (How D-9341 would introduct himself): Hello. My name is :EXPUNGED: . Or, as you call me, D-9341. After the containment breach at Site- :REDACTED: , i tried to escape the site. Failed countless times, but i learned countless lessons. My first attempt of escape was through Gate B, wh...

An new event for 860-1

I was reading SCP-860's exploration log and i readed about the 4th exploration. Aparently an person called :REDACTED: (Referred as Subject-1) entered 860-1, but everything was different. The fog was a bit red and murmurs could be heard. Also, an crossways would appear, just like the normal crossways...

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