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Re: Captain's Log

So I have one moderately interesting short Barotrauma story to share with about a submarine being captured by Poles traversing in a respawn shuttle. It originates from latest version of the lite Barotrauma. Press to Read: I was probably the only Pole on the board at the moment when the game started....

New Outpost Design to Make Docking Easier- Feature Request

I was recently wandering if there could be a new way for docking submarines more easily. If a submarine had a tower-like docking hatch room outpost would generate with a hole allowing the tower to fit into it proportionally to it's deepness. This would generate as long as submarine's docking hatch w...

Re: Introduce yourself thread

Alright I think introducing myself by writing down my traits would possibly spare a lot of time to you: * Prefers Barotrauma over SCP: Containment Breach. * In-game appearance: Male with head index set to 1. * Is a hater of griefers. * Considers roleplay to be good but for experienced players. * Kno...

Re: Curved walls

Xeno wrote:
Fri May 31, 2019 11:19 am
I’m not saying there bad I’m just suggesting a way to make e them easier to implement on subs so more people use them
Than they will simply look in the editor at the walls of default submarines to see parameters determining specific stats for them.

Remote- Feature Request

A simple handheld item allowing the player to send signals from certain wi-fi components in a limited range. Upon equipping it the player can select wi-fi channel from which signals can be send. With regular battery cell inside the player can trigger all wi-fi components in range of 40 meters of a c...

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