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Re: Sovietrauma Alpha 0.1

Darth_Sidious wrote:
Fri Nov 23, 2018 4:32 am
Lolerus wrote:
Thu Nov 22, 2018 9:29 pm
since the dev version is rebuilt every 12 hours, how will you maintain the mod?
I will update mod every 24 hours. I think dev version didn't updates with big updates.
You sound very dedicated to your mod. I'm sure it will be great when its in a stable build!

Re: SCPTrauma!

Ya'll hear something? :3

Please keep it civil guys, this is Regalis' forum for god's sake. Don't pollute it with this shit-fest

Re: SCPTrauma!

-snip- Why are you still here? I refuse to stand by while you continue to try and pull shit like the things I've made replies to above. A stupid ban is a stupid ban, stop trying to imply they have no reason to be there. If you get told no, don't do it anyways and then lie about being unable to get ...

Re: SCPTrauma!

-snip- -Added a Chemical Recomposer to Site-Tango21 -Added the pistol holding animation from BTEP (sorryididntaskforpermissionblitzyouwereasleepanditstoogoodtoleaveoutthankyouiloveyou) -snip- When did you edit and add that to this post? This is completely false. You asked me if you could use it whi...

Re: SCPTrauma!

Okay this is epic

I don’t ever recall banning you lol. If it’s better then why do you want to be here anyways?

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