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Re: SCPCBIrrlicht

Hey, this is god's work Juan. I just went to the repo today, and I'm going to try compiling it. I'm an ideas guy so I'll probably think of a badass idea, make one feature of it and then abandon it forever.

Re: No DriveStar, I don't

Theimperfectbeing wrote:On an unrelated note, I'm not sure if this warrants its own thread.
Probably not, but it's like all the other off-topic threads here.
cough cough original eric
Theimperfectbeing wrote:Damn you, I was drinking water and it's all over my keyboard.
Seems you answered your own question though.

Re: Undertow Games

I'm pretty sure I can make a better game in C# than I could with C++. Most of the people who've spent time editing the code of SCP-CB have probably noticed how bad I am when it comes to memory management, and I'm afraid that doing a large project using a language with manual memory management and m...

Re: Undertow Games

For one, I'd like to start off about how you're making non-horror games. I think it's a great step forward, I definitely understand if you don't want to work on a horror experience since you have worked on CB for quite a while. Giving the source code out means technically the game will never die as ...

Re: Five Nights at Freddy's

I always thought that the first person Freddy cut scenes and the Atari style minigames were leading up to something, piecing a story together. It was a little disappointing when they didn't. Wait they weren't? From what I've seen the super low pitched voice was saying something like "SAVE US", but ...

Re: Irrlicht Port

The elevator will connect all three zones, but since you're a D-Class you won't be able to use it until you find something. Maybe I could use 079 as an excuse to let the player go to the HCZ, but not the Entrance Zone. I could use an airlock to make the transition between zones, but I think the Ent...

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