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Re: Models' Verticies Unassign Themselves from Bones upon Ex

I'm trying to work on my TF2 Freakshow Mod from my Indev-Mod voting thing. But ever since I started working on SCP:CB v1.0.4, all of the models I made suddenly unassigned from the bones in the animation. This problem occured ONLY with the animations that came directly from v1.0.4. Is there any way ...

Re: eric

Theimperfectbeing wrote:I'm not sure if I should despise the fact he double posted or consider him our lord and savior for bravely attempting and succeeding the rare and brave DOUBLE ERIC

Re: SCP - Cry of Fear [v. 1.2] UPDATE!

I really don't want to be that one asshole who tried to rain down the whole parade, just read the quote below, you'll understand We are NOT allowing anyone to use content from Cry of Fear in their own mods. We only allow people to use the CoF content to Cry of Fear itself, to for example mappacks an...

Re: Explain your Avatar v2

Haven't been here for a while, sure some people who are still here know what my avatar is. It's actually the janitor texture with terribly photoshopped eyelids and tears. It was going to be used for a corpse based off the janitor model, but it still hasn't reached fruition.

Re: Five Nights at Freddie's

chica scares me allways, the others only scare me when they kill me. imo golden freddia is an unused freddy suit or a prototype freddie project. note the eyeless appearance i think its an u...

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