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Re: Medibay?

Agent G wrote:Update: Official PM from Regalis:
"I ended up leaving it out, I thought the room didn't really add anything to the game and it uses a ton of memory with all its unique prop models/textures"
No denying that..

Re: Hello

Cridone wrote:I didn't know the forum could go this low.
It only gets worse; you'll soon start seeing mole people.

Re: SCP - Cry of Fear [v. 1.2] UPDATE!

If the mod is no longer in development the thread might as well be locked. Why doesn't Valve just turn off reviews on Half-Life 1? It's no longer in development. Give the guy a slap on the wrist, tell people not to necro-bump and move on. Mod threads should not be locked unless no release has ever ...

Re: Steam allows Workshop creators to charge for mods

Just for my two cents as a modder for the past four or so years, mods should only cost anything if they are- ironically- not modifications but a whole new thing. For example, Cry of Fear, Team Fortress, Defence of the Ancients, Killing Floor. These things are all mods, but beyond their namesake of "...

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