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Re: Old topics of interest

Everyone's contribution is greatly appreciated in any capacity, from simple written ideas to models or sound assets. There is no need to devalue someones attempt at helping because of an assumed reasoning, even though I think you will find many if not most people who contribute to a project or anyth...

Re: Who i am [News about the final moderator decision, read.

I know this is unorthodox, but I am somewhat disappointed that Irontaco failed to actually direct me to this thread months ago when he asked the question "Should Combine be unbanned". Either way I have come to a decision after some discussion, the user Combine will be unbanned effective immediately....

Re: Dev Topic #4

I agree that we will eventually see a Version 1.0 in the future, it could be a big update or just a small patch for all we know.

The only question is for how long after Version 1.0 will Regalis continue to add to the game, or will he declare 1.0 to the the release? Time will tell on that.

Re: Random Off-Topic discussion

spartan322 wrote:The thing is, the master race saying is just a joke, not meant to be taken seriously.

When someone says something like "PC master race" its most likely that they are just joking around.
Likely, but you never know. Use a term enough and people will actually believe it.

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