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Re: Children Shows you Still Like (Utter Embarrassment Alert

Hmm.. Alvin and the Chipmunks [ The Cartoon from the 80s / 90s. Not those Horrible CGI Movies they have been shoving out in recent years. ] Batman Of The Future / Batman Beyond Batman the Animated Series / The New Batman Adventures Captain Planet and the Planeteers Charlie Brown Dragonball Z Justice...

Re: OST (Original Soundtrack)

Awesome. :) Dragonball Z Ocean Dub [ 1996 ] Ron Wasserman - Goku's Arrival [youtube]/watch?v=iLqTFVHLDqs[/youtube] Dragonball Z Funimation Dub [ 1999 ] Bruce Faulconer - Gohan Angers [youtube]/watch?v=OAL0ard3YPw[/youtube] Bruce Faulconer - Vegeta Super Saiyan [youtube]/watch?v=w50zQ67D6wY[/youtube]

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