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Re: SCP - Cry of Fear

Finally another amazing Resource mod for SCP:CB! I played it once on keter now and I have to say the atmosphere is really creepy. A few bugs I encountered (other than the ones you posted) is that the big doors (the entrance door to any SCP) didn't have textures for me. Same goes for some enemies. Yo...

Re: [0.9.3] Box of Horrors - A Compilation Mod v0.7.1 (SCP-0

Awesome, the console command "DebugSetting 0" has indeed resolved the issue, thanks!

However, I'm still not sure how SCP-020 really works.
I know how to get the special night vission goggles that lets you see the virus, but do I have to wait for something to happen? Or am I doing something wrong?

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