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Re: Irrlicht Port

Uhhhhhh?! :gasp: That thing looks way better than it should. I'm going to need more underwear. :096: I have to say that the new engine looks like it improves the lighting system and graphic detail in general. I also suggest adding a slider for the camera fog. It's more like it looks worse than it s...

Re: Irrlicht Port

LORD DEATH wrote:So is Regalis still working on this project or is it in the hands of Juanpro and the other collaborators?
I don't think Regalis or anyone else besides juanjpro has ever worked on this

Re: [1.0.6] "True" gamma

yonzo_rikuo wrote:hope the radiation don't hurt me
Don't worry, you will just grow some healthy tumours (gamma rays means green goopy tumour inducing rays in Greek).
But you will eventually get used to them.

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