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Myro (Lets Play) SCP:CB 1.0 [Warning: Massive Pussyfooting]

Howdy guys, It's been a while.. A LONG WHILE since I've done a playthrough of this game, LIKE 7 VERSIONS AGO. Last time you might remember on the SCP:CB Industries youtube page (which nobody freaking remembers the accounts password *COUGH *COUGH* Spartan322..):

Re: Dev Topic #4

Well boys, I got as far as I could, but I've met with a terrible end. I'll accept it. You'll understand everything when you see my lets play. I'll try to chop it down into a 4-6 part series. Editing at the moment as we read this!

Re: Dev Topic #4

Alright I can't record anymore cause I'm almost out of disk space :,( :,( :,( So I'll just highlight my good points from my 50% progress in the game, I'm sure everyone is eager to hear me scream and whimper like a little girl. EDIT: nevermind deleted some old games and made 16 extra gigs worth of sp...

Re: Dev Topic #4

GOD, when did this game get so freaking hard?? Objective 1: Find a level 1 keycard Objective 2: Find a level 2 KEYCARD Objective 3: Find 914 and upgrade Level 2 Keycard on "Fine" to level 3 (any other refinements or setting on "very fine" result in a mastercard, which is useless) Objective 4: Escape...

Re: Dev Topic #4

Hoyl :REDACTED: shit I've gotten into the heavy containment zone and I've already screamed like a :REDACTED: 2 times LOL. Whats better is that I'm recording it all too, so expect a long playthrough from me ^_^ AND :REDACTED: YOU REGALIS YOU SICK :EXPUNGED: ---- Hey look at all these kids who just ju...

Re: The Official Hype Thread

Uploading, ~5 minutes to go. :) Unfortunately the promo film wasn't ready to be released quite yet, but it'll hopefully be out some time next month. Based Regalis-Chan has heard our pleading, I am ready for 1.0, I open to the front page, I download scpcb 1.0, all become calm.

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