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Re: Question Game

173, I have about had it with your attitude. How do you not be a jerk? I thought this was a joke question thread? The fuck? Sorry if i was confused and made a joke in response to a question asking "what do you call a bad pun. Soooory for having a sense of humor. oh and good job derailing the thread...

Re: Question Game

ApplePiah wrote:Searches everywhere and everywhere looking for the word "dix" that can be used correctly?

What do you call a bad pun?
Your life.

Whats the difference between 9/11 and 7 Eleven

Re: Undertale Discussion Thread

FoxMccloud64 wrote:
ApplePiah wrote:
FoxMccloud64 wrote:y'know, after THAT true ending, i really dont have the heart to do genocide ending

damn it, it was easier on the demo ;-;
I can do it 4 for u.
Yeah sure gofor it :v

also torielxsans is my new ship


Re: Official Five Nights at Freddy's Discussion Thread

Point is: the internet is not real-life America. I'm not sure what you're getting at with that. FTFY He's saying that freedom of speech isn't always an option. In fact, most opinions will be condemned like you're reading the Christian Bible out loud in Afghanistan. Just saying it how it is. Good po...

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