Re: [v0.1.1] SCP - ISOLATION (fan game)

v0.1.1 is finally out
Link: ... 1.rar/file
I kept 0.1 in my hands unreleased for a long time and eventually decided to post 0.1.1. So, I've added more plot with 079(monologue about the reserve generator), 106(unfinished PD) and 999(elevator help) taking action and getting Greg to the "pre-cave zone cave part". I've added SCP-049 and his chamber in the maintenance tunnels and moved SCP-173 out of there on the upper levels of the HCZ. Also some new rooms, although the zone is still unfinished. Some additions to the options menu. A bit of bugfixes, but still a lot of them tho.


Link: ...
So, still buggy, rough and glitchy, but a lot of stuff added.
• Changed some design to make it a bit more different from CB
• Added more reflections
• Replaced the DoF option in the menu with Screen Space Reflections
• Added a background menu cinematic
• Reduced head bobbing on walking
• Changed menu music to my own crappy one
• Added and intro driving scene
• Changed door sounds a bit
• Got voice actors
• New cinematic SCP-173 ambience (by CryoHeart)
• Tried fixing the freeze crash glitch (joshinbytes)
• New intro tension music (CryoHeart)
• SCP-457 (demo)
• Office and announcement in the old site part
• Expanded HCZ a bit
I may be forgetting a lot, please forgive me.