SCP-The Escape [2D SCP] [v0.3.1] - UPDATE

Greetings guys, I'm PhuckYuToo (don't take the name serious)
And I used to be a minecraft modder (Yes, I made SCPCraft), and I am an indie game developer in Java (and soon probably Unity).

This is my first game: A 2D sidescroller SCP game. I'll ocasionally release some updates on it.

I know this looks like a very low-end game compared to all others on this forum, but this game was made all by myself from scratch with help from a few people. Please don't judge a book by its cover.
(fancy lighting not included, pic by MrCompost)

Download link is on GameJolt:

More info on my main website: ... a-v01.html

In Class-D mode you are basicly defenseless, and need to get past each SCP. (however the rooms keep generating till a certain amount of rooms, and then stops into a blue void ...Planning on adding an ending soon.)

Find out yourself for the other gamemodes ;)

Extra features:
-Movie Mode: Press M, and turn on num lock. The camera is now free from your player, and you can move it using the numpad numbers. (4, 6, 8, 2) 'M' toggles Movie mode on/off.
-Console commands, press T in-game. You can put commands like:
- /fly or /noclip: Allows you to fly and pass through walls....In class-D you also get a lil' inside joke :P
- /g (1/0) or /gamemode (1/0): Like in minecraft, gamemode 1 is creative. You cant die in creative mode, you can break tiles.
- /give *tile name*: Gives you a tile to build your stuff with. Only works in creative mode.
Tile names are:

- /spawn SCP-***: spawn any SCP at your player coordinate

Trailer by Jancsi aka Ca$h (my good friend):

Tell me what you think, and what to improve, on the website please. (besides the bugs of course.)
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