Found a bug!

when you get killed by SCP-096, another SCP-096 will appear
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Re: SCP-The Escape [First 2D SCP game?] [Alpha v0.1]

Spiffycat wrote:@hug0905 Quit editing the subject name. It is annoying.

Nice work on the game, however I cannot play it due to me being a Linux user and most windows programs do no effect if I use Wine. Keep on the good work!
Yeah, thats sad, wish I would have some knowledge over different platforms. But thanks anyways!
Vexification wrote:
Nice game, but alot of bugs.
Yeah, I'm trying to fix most of them in v0.2. I already rewrote the code, ironing out some bugs.

v0.2 Is out! Less bugs, more fluid gameplay, soundtracks, world saving/loading, creative mode and more!
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Re: SCP-The Escape [2D SCP] [Alpha v0.2] - UPDATED!

The Radical Larry wrote:Awesome, welcome to the forums, Ive played your mod
Does "removed herobrine" mean what I think i mean, if not explain
Heh little reference to minecraft ;)
Was following the Notch tradition so yeah...If that's alright. (It has nothing to do with anything in-game in any way, just a little bad joke)
Destructoid wrote: Sounds like a cool game, planning on improving graphics? The 058 mode is a bit like the beginning of Thing-Thing for some reason.
Thanks for the reply. I've never heard of Thing-Thing, and improving graphics, as in...Texture?
Well it is just a 2D game, not much stuff to improve on the graphical side besides maybe textures or shading effects.

Also, version 0.3 is out guys! :D
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