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(This is an old post, but I feel like I need to respond to it to clarify something)
thomas el argentino wrote:
SapphireCoyote wrote:I cant wait till they update SCP: Containment Breach! Its fun but i cant wait to see new things! ^-^

Hello you I have some terrible news.
This is written by the author of the game:
Hello SCP Craft fans. It's Shred again and I've come to deliver some bad news ... the SCP Foundation've Decided to sue Phuck Unless we added a "CC" agreement to the mod. We are trying to get them to loosen up and let us take the thing off. Suprisingly enough I've also found out They Made the SCP Containment Breach game do this "CC" agreement too. So Unless we get this agreement off then we Can Have anyone come and copy the mod or force them to place the "CC" agreement on their "version" of the mod too.

I hope we can resolve problems and mistakes These soon or else I am going to loose my fucking mind ... and yes, fucking lately is the correct term is worse than fuck Because phuck. C. .. fuck, the mod has gone to shit

:'( :sob:
Uh dude, that's for the SCP Minecraft mod... not SCP - Containment Breach. I don't even know how you got both of them confused together.
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