Re: Half-Life: Resonance Cascade (1.0 Port will start soon)

CLgaming wrote:Quick update: I got back into the dropbox login we had. Unfortunately, I won't be able to work on the mod as much as I used to because of school and other delays. However, school is not a problem until January 5th, for obvious reasons.
SCP-Sean wrote:939 should be the panthereye or kingpin.
We've already decided SCP-939 is a bullsquid.

I like the idea of SCP Nine-Hundred-and-Thirty-Nine being a Bullsquid, but doesn't a Bullsquid push you, like, 10 feet away from itself? XD

Anyways, A Kingpin was a deleted Monster from the Alpha of the original Half-Life. It was in the league with "Mr. Friendly", and the "Panthereye".

Mr. Friendly