Re: [0.9.1] SCP Box of Horrors - A Compilation Mod (with SCP

Omniary wrote:
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Omniary wrote:I would agree with Ulgrin, if you size that image down to normal, you could also move the description up a bit, that way there wouldn't be such a big gap between the sub-sections.
That IS the normal size! :P
I believe both me and Ulgrin were talking about InnocentSam's post, I'd acknowledge yours in some way if Mediafire would let me download the file now.

Edit: There we go! Great work on them, they really want me to create another 'loading screen info' like that on the old thread, since there's always room for more loading screens and the glorious info they bestow. I think 009's picture seems a little standard, but then again a vague thing like red ice might be hard to portray properly.
Due to the 3 main .dll files being removed the mod ceased to function :079_2:
:EXPUNGED: MTF e-11 is coming :EXPUNGED:

Re: [1.0.6] Box of Horrors - A Compilation Mod v0.8.0b

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LORD DEATH wrote:Should the thread be locked?
I'm pretty sure that they'll continue it someday as they mostly stopped because Barotrauma was being developed.
In case you didn't know, I did message them one or two weeks ago regarding implementing things that is not in the game such as the updated tree. They both said they discontinued the mod and do not have in-dev build anymore. InnocentSam is working on his other project and Juan is developing barotrauma. More info about the prototypes (censored but will be added in the game) and unreleased things can be found in my mod on the first page, named as Shory / Development. If you don't believe, I can show you the screenshot.

[1.0.6] Box of Horrors mod opening bug

I've done all the steps to download and make the [1.0.6] Box of Horrors mod work, but every time I click the Box of Horrors mod opener, it says
The Following DLLs were not found in the game directory:
No matter what this is always what happens for me, I've tried re-downloading SCP Containment Breach, but so far none of my attempts have worked.