Re: [0.9.3]SCP Fan Breach mod

ValveAperture wrote:
Precipitator wrote:
ValveAperture wrote:How DO You Play As SCP - 173? :sad:
It is a bug... It doesn't woork (morph173j). but it should work in older versions in case you have one...
Can You Send Me THe Link OF A Older One?
I'm add link to version with 173-j

Re: [0.9.3] SCP Fan Breach mod (MOAR MADNESS THAN NEEDED)

Ikobot wrote:SCP Fan Breach
This mod made by Russian SCP:CB wiki community.
This mod add to game next changes:
- Stamina can be very high or very low
- D-9341 can jump (deafault left Alt) (in new versions removed)
- added command jkl which remove effect of asd command
- command spawnitem changed to give
- SCP-001(Sheaf of Papers) (Case random effect)
- SCP-006 (take from SCP-294)
- SCP-650
- SCP-999 (take from SCP-294)
- SCP-1026-RU (Russian object, so search on Russian SCPFoundation)
- SCP-1079
- SCP-1499
- Madness in some rooms
- Added random maintance tunnels generation (taked from juanjpro's mod)
- Added code to door in maintance tunnel
- Added code to door in SCP-049 room :049:
- Added code to door in Gate B
- Added code to door in testroom (with SCP-682 document)
- Added hazmat suit overlay
- Added more interesting items
Vannila SCP's changes:
- SCP-106 become more lusty (the amount of victim is increased) :106:
- SCP-173 coordinate it's activity with SCP-650 :173:
- SCP-294 have more drinks
Link to download
Current version ... PCB093.rar
With scp-173-j version (for whom who want) ... Update.rar
Ikobot (Ernest) - coder
Redbul.Ivan (Ivan) - texture maker
Rarity from Valley of Avalar (Irina) - translator
Милейший Пытачок (Constantine) ; Pinkamena Sparkle (Semen) - testers
It doesn't even work on the 173-J update????????????
I do morph173j?????????????????ßß
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