Re: SCP - Cry of Fear [v. 1.1] CODERS NEEDED! .3.

juanjpro wrote:
UnknownGlaze wrote:I changed the model of the guards to "Polis" officers. However, when I start up a new game, it MAV's at 5%. My guess is that either bitmap images aren't for use as an npc texture, or the body.jpg and MTFbody.jpg act like 106_diffuse.png (where the model is automatically assigned the texture, unable to be changed).
The game does some stuff that only works on the normal MTF model, source code changes are needed.
Thank you for the info. :D So I'm certainly going to need coders. Anyone who can code (and has the time), help would be greatly appreciated! This MTF model will be the first thing to code.

Actually, juanjpro, if you have the time, do you think you could help with the coding? .3.

Re: SCP - Cry of Fear [v. 1.2] UPDATE!

Its ok I still got to play it.

Got a few bugs though:

Navigator model doesn't work (its still the default one)

The Polis's M16's are out of place and sometimes they spazz out uncontrollably.

SCP-513's model doesn't work however I really like the new SCP-513-1 model :)

Yeah so thats all I have found. The rest of the bugs are just the actual game. Not the mod.

Re: SCP-035 Idea

UnknownGlaze wrote:
D-7650 wrote:Maybe SCP-035 could be the Doctor's gas mask?
Zat is indeed teh plan. :3
Must've missed that.Sorry for sounding stupid
"Is he dead?"
"You wanna check his pulse?"
"Um, let's just say he's dead."