Re: [1.3.6] Half-Life Resonance Cascade v6.0 (CONFIRMED!)

Dmitriy-Bars wrote:
Run. Think. Hide. Survive.

Half-Life: Resonance Cascade is a full conversion modification for SCP: Containment Breach based on Half-Life game series. This mod serves as a depiction of the Black Mesa Incident from a seperate, farther off perspective.

Original mod topic: viewtopic.php?f=11&t=2446



- Original creators of the mod: CLstream & Omniary
- Ported & re-made by: Dmitriy-Bars (me)
- Special thanks for help (coding, models fix): PXLSHN & Vane Brain (Third Subdivision Team)

Credit to Valve and Crowbar Collective for 99% of the content featured in this total conversion (and also to the guys who made this great mod).


In-Game Replacements: (may contain spoilers)
  • SCP-173 = Kingpin
    SCP-106 = Vortigaunt
    SCP-372 = Alien Controller
    SCP-513 = Inconspicuous Briefcase
    SCP-035 = SciZombie
    SCP-513-1 = G-Man
    SCP-079 = Announcement System 2.6
    SCP-096 = Alien Grunt
    SCP-008 = Keplar Virus
    SCP-012 = DD-7382
    SCP-049 = Gonome
    SCP-049-2 = Guard Zombies
    SCP-682 = Tentacle
    SCP-895 = Lambda Reactor #1386 (Monitor controlled by Nihilanth)
    SCP-914 = Non-Relay Teleport Prototype
    SCP-860 = Prototype Micro-Reactor
    SCP-860-2 = Gargantua
    SCP-066 = Houndeye
    SCP-939 = Bullsquids
    SCP-1048 = Chumtoad
    SCP-1123 = Small Crystal
    SCP-178 = Virtual Reality Goggles
    SCP-178-1 = Pit Drones
    SCP-966 = Shock Troopers
    SCP-205 = Deathscene
    SCP-1048-A = Sentry Turret
    SCP-1499 = Displacer Gun
    SCP-1499-1 = Voltigores
    Pocket Dimension/SCP-860-1/SCP-1499 Landscape = Xen
    PD Plane = Mantis Aircraft
  • Guards = Security Team ("Barneys")
    MTF = H.E.C.U.
    D-Class = H.E.V. Subjects
    Scientists = Black Mesa Scientists
    SCP-990/Chaos Insurgency = G-Man
    SCP-1123 Officers = Combine Metrocops
    SCP-008 Zombie = Soldier Zombie

- Ported to v1.3.6.
- Removed auto-updater (the mod may not work normally with further versions/patches of the game).
- Improved game's crashing after teleporting to Gate A (thanks to PXLSHN).
- Rechanged some documents.
- New skins for keycards.
- Added 4 new loading screens + new loading screen for SCP-173.
- Re-added and improved the Gate A/B skybox from the v0.8.2 port (first public version of HL: RC).
- Returned the HEV Suit's sounds from Half-Life and HECU Grunts' voices from Black Mesa: Source.
- New scripted sounds for the PA System.
- Rechanged the models of Vortigaunt and Alien Grunt.
- Improved the Alien Controller's textures.
- Rechanged some animations for the Alien Grunt.
- Rechanged/improved the walking animation of MTF (HECU).
- Removed bugged "head rotating" animation of guards.
- Removed "halloween" command.
- More easter eggs!
The mod is finally done! :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
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Re: Half-Life Resonance Cascade v6.2 (90%; WAITING FOR v1.3.7 RELEASE)

While we are all waiting for the new version of SCP: CB (it will definitely come out), I've made some files for the new version of the mod.

I will say at once: in version 6.2 some errors/mistakes related to sounds and NPCs will be fixed.
And also... wait for surprises! :D
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Re: [1.3.7] Half-Life Resonance Cascade v6.3 (Remake) - Final version + C-492 Mod

Nin10doGMod wrote:Are you sure this is gonna be the final update of this mod? Aww... I wish you were doing on 1.3.9.
Yes, I'm sure. Firstly, version 1.3.9 has a lot of new content (for example, new intercom sounds and new SCP-035 event) that makes it less like Half-Life. It is difficult for me.
Secondly, if I make a port for the new version, it will be not interesting to play SCP: CB itself.
Nin10doGMod wrote: But hey, if this mod uses the 1.3.7 version, can you make a Project Resurrection DLC?
Sorry, but no. But I'm planned to make DLC for Nine-Tailed Fox mod.
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