[1.3.11] Project Resurrection - A compilation, "revival" and an add-on mod (Version 0.4.0a PORT release)

Project Resurrection Team Presents...
Mod Development is on HIATUS
Respective owner of the content are credited.
New contents from 'Project Resurrection' are added.
Inaccurate SCPs abilities like SCP-001 originated from the original mods.
As of V.0.4.0a and below, the game's stability will break. Download 4GB Patch
Please read the informations including "READ ME!.txt".
About this mod:
SCP - Containment Breach: Project Resurrection (formerly known as More SCPs/SCPs Mod) is a compilation, "revival" and an add-on mod comprises of discontinued popular mods such as 'Box of Horrors' and 'Fan Breach' with new additional contents (SCPs, etc.) that belongs to 'Project Resurrection' as well as some of the unused 'SCP - Containment Breach' data that were left in the game files.

Prior to V.0.3.0 (V.0.2.5 technically), new contents belonging to 'Project Resurrection' are added.

'Project Resurrection' might receive its own trailer. The concept of the trailer is likely to feature a few implemented SCPs with a preview of one SCP that will make its debut in V.0.5.0a.

We have our own ModDB page as well.

Coming Soon

What started 'Project Resurrection'?:
On September 24th 2015, I uploaded a video called "Scp Containment Breach(v.1.2.3): Testing Scps-005" (Actual title of the video and is still up on YouTube). The thought of creating 'Project Resurrection' didn't occur to me until August 12th 2016. Since 'Box of Horrors' was officially discontinued, I came up with an idea that it would be great if I revive the mod under the name of 'SCPs Mod'. At first, the initial plan was to only port 'Box of Horrors' to the game's latest version but I came across 'Fan Breach' while surfing through UndertowGames forum, which was in the state of being discontinued. Eventually, I released the mod in August 15th 2016 with an early title that was later changed to 'More SCPs Mod' before finally changing the name to 'Project Resurrection' for good. There's a reason why it was named 'Project Resurrection'.

Project would mean "development" or "plan" in other ways while "resurrection" is bringing a thing back to life.

We planned to collaborate with Third Subvision Team to combine their mod with ours. Serving it as an expansion.
There might be a name to come for the combinations:

Temporary Names:

Secure, Contain, Protect - Containment Breach: Complete Collection (SCP - CB: Complete Collection)
Secure, Contain, Protect - Containment Breach: Escape Or Die
Secure, Contain, Protect - Containment Breach: Massacre Endangerment
Secure, Contain, Protect - Containment Breach: (The) Unseen Nightmares[/size]

SCPs are categorised into five categories they made their appearance on:

Box Of Horrors - First collaborative mod by Juanjpro, InnocentSam, and other team members.

Fan Breach - First mod made by Russians that include Multiple SCPs as well as additional content.

Project Resurrection - First compilation and revival mod. New contents are added too.

Others - Other mods that focus on SCPs only.

Main Game - Self-Explantory (The original game). Features deleted/unused content that failed to make it into the game, with reasons.

Implemented - This SCP is already added into the mod
Not Implemented - This SCP is yet to be added into the mod
Implementing - This SCP is planned in this version
(SCP-XXX - XXX) - Were already implemented into the original game

As of the current version of the mod, it leaves a total of 49 SCPs in the game.

Box Of Horrors:
SCP-005 - The Skeleton Key
SCP-009 - Red Ice
SCP-020 - Unseen Mold
SCP-038 - The Everything Tree
SCP-178 -"3-D" Specs
SCP-409 - Contagious Crystal
SCP-1074 - Stendhal Syndrome
(SCP-1123 - Atrocity Skull)
SCP-017 - Shadow Person

* SCP-[REDACTED] is a non-living thing object that was scrapped in the early stages of Box Of Horrors. In fact, InnocentSam already shown this SCP. Can you figure it out?

Fan Breach:
SCP-001 (Jonathan Ball Version) - Sheaf Of Papers
SCP-006 - Fountain Of Youth
SCP-080 - Dark Form
SCP-087-B - Endless Hallways (Regalis's Version)
SCP-131 - The Eye Pods
SCP-173-J - The Original "The Sculpture"
SCP-650 - Startling Statue
SCP-999 - The Tickle Monster (Cup of SCP-294 only)
SCP-1026-RU - Dark Ego (Тёмное Эго)
SCP-1079 - Dr Wondertainment's Bubblebath Bonbons
SCP-015 - Pipe Nightmare
SCP-113 - Gender-Switcher
SCP-169 - The Leviathan
SCP-249 - The Random Door
(SCP-427 - Lovecraftian Locket) (V.1.3.10)
SCP-484 - Memory Stealing Drug
SCP-538 - Shadow Spiders

* SCP-001 was originally using a document model. In Project Resurrection, this was changed. Only bunch of documents stacked up.
* SCP-006 never have its containment chamber in the original mod. In Project Resurrection, it does.
* SCP-080 was already "implemented" in Fan Breach. As SCP-106 cloudy smoke fog that was originally in the game.
* SCP-650 (See Main Game Notes below)
* SCP-1079's case is similar to SCP-001. It was originally using SCP-500-01 Model. In Project Resurrection, this was changed.
* SCP-538 is a different matter. [You should already figure it out when you read this] mod is also planning to add this as well.
The only option, share. :)

Main Game:
SCP-008 - Zombie Plague
SCP-012 - A Bad Composition
SCP-035 - Possessive Mask
SCP-049 - Plague Doctor
SCP-066 - Eric's Toy
SCP-079 - Old AI
SCP-096 - The "Shy Guy"
SCP-106 - The Old Man
SCP-173 - The Sculpture
SCP-205 - Shadow Lamps
SCP-294 - The Coffee Machine
SCP-372 - Peripheral Jumper
SCP-427 - Lovecraftian Locket
SCP-500 - The Old Man
SCP-513 - A Cowbell
SCP-682 - Hard-to-Destroy Reptile
SCP-714 - The Jaded Ring
SCP-860 - Blue Key
SCP-895 - Camera Disruption
SCP-914 - Lovecraftian Locket
SCP-939 - The Clockworks
SCP-966 - Sleep Killer
SCP-970 - The Recursive Room
SCP-990 - Dream Man
SCP-1025 - Encyclopedia of Diseases
SCP-1048/A - Builder Bear
SCP-1162 - A Hole in the Wall
SCP-1499 - The Gas Mask
SCP-420-J - The Best ████ in the World
SCP-789-J - The butt ghost!!
SCP-085 - Hand-drawn ''Cassy'' (May only make a cameo as a drawing)
SCP-650 - Startling Statue
SCP-689 - Haunter in the Dark
SCP-1074 - Stendhal Syndrome
SCP-2053 - Paternal Rubik's Cube

* SCP-085's case was a different matter like SCP-2053. They were never mentioned or found in the game's data until Vane Brain came up and
revealed it. Judging by the file, it's likely that SCP-085 was supposed to make its cameo appearance in the game but didn't made it.
* SCP-650 was proposed by a user in the forums. Regalis said it was a good idea. Unfortunately, this didn't happen as the 3D Modeller seemingly
* SCP-689 was found earlier in the game files before being fully removed in V.0.6.6. Regalis said that the object is extremely overpowered as
its purpose was to instantly kill the player after looking at it (Eye blinking mechanics...). It is assumed that SCP:CB wasn't supposed to have a
backstory nor a plot before it was decided.
* SCP-1074 was originally in the third-party mod Box Of Horrors before being implemented into the original game.
It was partially removed in V.1.3.1 before being completely removed in the later versions. This was due to SCP-1162, whose function was a better
implementation for the player's past and SCP-1074's backstory was a horrible implementation. Some of the developers hated it.
* SCP-2053's case was a different matter like SCP-085. They were never mentioned or found in the game's data until Vane Brain came up and
revealed it. It is unknown what the object will play its role as in the original game.

Project Resurrection:
SCP-017 - Shadow Person
SCP-085 - Hand-drawn ''Cassy'' (May only make a cameo as a drawing)
(SCP-427 - Lovecraftian Locket) (V.1.3.10)
SCP-458 - The Never-Ending Pizza Box
SCP-689 - Haunter in the Dark
SCP-1876 - Selfish Toothbrush
SCP-2053 - Paternal Rubik's Cube


(SCP-427 - Lovecraftian Locket) (V.1.3.10)

* Lovecraftian Locket, SCP-914 Expansion, and Fan Breach (Technically) have SCP-427. It is assume that this is indeed the "Curse Of The Lovecraftian Locket".
-- Fan Breach was not but there are models of it.
-- SCP-513 discontinued it.
-- EnternalError halted his mod development.

The Cutting Room Floor / Developments
This section will be revamped to parts to parts.

Please note that all informations are not fabricated. Some are copied from official wiki source for better understanding.
Informations will be up to date. Images.... coming soon. Developers can confirm this (ONLY if they know).

Main Game:
SCP-085 (Hand-drawn "Cassy"):

A SCP:CB developer use goes by the name "Vane Brain" found a photoshop document called "085.psd". It was not found in the game's files. The file does not consist of cassy being in the picture but rather a well-drawn sketch of a house and a short conversation (Assuming that SCP-085 was in the house and the first speaker was a scientist). Looking at the context, it can be safely assumed that this is likely a joke (From the conversation itself). According to Vane Brain, he nor the team didn't know why it wasn't in the game.

Reason for being scrapped: Unknown (Presumely not relevant)
SCP-239 (The Witch Child):

Not much known about being removed but there's a video of an unused MTF guard animation. Since the model originally came from NTF Mod itself, this is likely a leftover for the upcoming V.0.2.0 of NTF Mod. Since

Reason for being removed: Upcoming V.0.2.0 NTF Mod Leftovers
SCP-409 (Contagious Crystal):

While it was not planned to be added into the game (As the object itself is absent), SCP:CB developer "Vane Brain" said that it was meant to be an Easter egg. It was supposedly to broadcast on one of the non-working monitors in the Surveillance Room, placed in the containment chamber. Since V.1.3.0, the room itself can be found below "room2sl" through noclip and camerafog. In V.1.3.4, it was removed. This is due to having broadcast camera issues. There's a decal called "decal19" and it has not been used.

Reason for being removed: Camera "F**king" Rendering issues
The Original SCP-513-1 (A Cowbell):

SCP-513-1 was originally included in the game's initial release, before being removed and then subsequently re-added much later with different mechanics. It was originally a sprite entity, nor SCP-513 had made its physical appearance yet before being later added in V.0.8.

From V.0.1-0.2, SCP-513 could be heard ringing over the intercom at random points in the game. After such, the player would begin to see SCP-513-1 occasionally in their peripheral vision. Attempting to move closer to inspect it would cause it to immediately disappear.

Regalis eventually removed SCP-513-1 from the game, stating that "SCP-513 nullifies any chances of the player escaping and surviving if they made it to the ending"[1]. Since V.0.2.1, SCP-372 has acted as a replacement for SCP-513-1. It was then later re-implemented in V.0.8 with improved mechanics.

Reason for being removed earlier: Nullfies any chance of player escaping and surviving (Meaning that they stopped the game halfway).
SCP-650 (Startling Statue):

SCP-650 was proposed by a user (Name unknown) on the SCP - Containment Breach forums. After reading the proposal, Regalis considered adding it into the game if a model was made due to the fact that it could be easily implemented. Progress for the project became very slow and eventually fell apart altogether due to overall lack of morale from fellow members of the community (Lack of SUPPORT). Inevitably, all progress came to a halt and no attempts have been made to finish the model. The project is thus presumed cancelled.

Reason for being scrapped: Project ceased
SCP-689 (Haunter In The Dark):

A model and containment room was created for SCP-689 in the hope of better utilizing the eye mechanics in the game. It was intended that whenever the player made eye contact with SCP-689, they would have to maintain it. Should they take their eyes off SCP-689, it would instantly kill them. Regalis (while in favor of better use of the eye mechanics) deemed SCP-689 "too powerful and over-the-top", and decided on not including the SCP in the game.

Its model can be found in the game's files from V.0.1-0.5.5 in the directory "GFX/npcs/statue.x". Two bare-bones textures can be found in the files from V.0.1-0.2 in the directory "GFX/npcs/statue.jpg" and "GFX/npcs/statue2.jpg".

There's a room file called "statueroom.b3d". This room was intended to house/contain SCP-689, but due to not being implemented for "overpowered" reason, the containment chamber went unused. It was in the game's files from V.0.1 till V.0.6.6 and can be found in the directory "GFX/map/statueroom.b3d".

Reason for being scrapped: Overpowered
SCP-772 (Giant Parasitoid Wasps):

Not much known about being scrapped but it was proposed by a former 3D Modeller "Mirocaine" in Collabration Section of SCP - Containment Breach forums. This was approved by Regalis but the textures and animations were not created yet. On December 9th 2012, Omniary published several sounds for SCP-772 on SoundCloud but they were eventually deleted. After that, no progress have been made and thus, it was not added into the game.

Reason for being scrapped: No progress/Halt development (Mirocaine left)
SCP-1074 (Stendhal Syndrome):

SCP-1074 was originally part of the "Box of Horrors" third-party mod for the game made by forum user Juanjpro. It was added to the game in V.1.1.0 before being partially removed in V.1.3.0, it was completely removed in V.1.3.2. Presumably, 1074 was replaced by SCP-1162 as it provides a better implementation of D-9341's history.

Reason for being removed: Horrible implementation of D-9341's past
SCP-2053 (Paternal Rubik's Cube):

Like SCP-085, it was not known why it wasn't added into the game. It comes with two variations: Refined and Normal.
Oddly, it does have a complete animation suggesting that it was supposed to be in the game but did not. Its purpose of being in the game is not unknown but it can lead to a few purposes such as a hint to getting the player out of the facility. However, it does not seem likely so.

Reason for being scrapped: Unknown (Presumely not relevant)
Conference Room:

This unused conference room has been in the game's files from V.0.1-0.6.6. It can be found in the directory "GFX/map/conference.x".

Some notable things in this room include the fact that it uses the default chair, table, and cabinet models found in the 3D World Studio editor. The table has nothing on it except a red binder. There's a projector on the ceiling pointing to a blank whiteboard, on the whiteboard is an SCP file attached to it via magnets. It also uses an earlier version of the door which has only appeared in early SCP - Containment Breach demonstration videos, which means that this room was only used in the indev versions of the game and was scrapped before the initial release. This is likely to be an early version of current conference room.

Reason for being scrapped: Unknown
SCP-096's Containment Chamber:

SCP-096's Containment Chamber was made but never made it into the game. It was not known why. The room itself was big with a broken containment box suggesting that SCP-096 break out during the breach.

Reason for being scrapped: Unknown
"Early" Chaos Insurgency/Mobile Task Force Variant Model:

This model was originally intended to be used as the model for the Chaos Insurgency, or possibly a variant of the MTF, in order to distinguish between members of the task force. The model is similar in appearance to the old MTF models, with the exception of a gas mask in place of a visor. The model can be found in the game's files from V.0.6-0.6.6 and can be found in the directory "GFX/npcs/mtf2.b3d". This should not be confused with the new MTF model, which uses the filename MTF2.b3d from V.1.0 on.

Reason for not being used: Early version
SCP-1123's Original Event:

There's a pre-release screenshot for V.1.1. In the final version, this was changed. The screenshot depicts a PoW inside a room, with a Nazi officer overlooking the room from a window. Given that the scenario is meant to take place during the Holocaust period, is it presumed that this sequence would have involved the player being killed in a gas chamber.

Reason for being changed: Unknown (Presumely the event was too "cheap".)
Former Arena from Pocket Dimension:

You can get into this area if you crouch at the throne room. In version 1.1.0, the arena was heavily updated and called "The Trench".

The arena is a large open space with stones hovering over the air. The player will encounter a black smoke with SCP-106's eyes. Whenever the player blinks, the smoke will gradually move towards him, making a sound. After a while, SCP-106 will attract the player's eyes. After that, it will be impossible to break eye contact with the entity. This will eventually trigger the player's death. In order to get out, you need to go to any direction as long as you're far away from the smoke, then the player will again be sent to the main room.

Reason for being removed: Unknown
Unused Gas Catwalk Event ( 0.0.7 and 1.3.8 ):

On October 24th 2017, Third Subvision Studio found an unused code event that was present in version 0.7 (Or done earlier), where the Gas Catwalk (room2pit) was added. The unused event consists of SCP-106 standing near the door below the gas catwalk bridge looking at the player. This was probably intended to be added in the game by Regalis but didn't.

From V.1.3.9, this unused event was implemented by Third Subvision Studio.

According to SCP:CB Developer Vane Brain, Regalis said that this event was added in the first version.

Reason for being removed prior to 0.0.7 and before implementation: Unknown
Gate B "SCP-173" Ending:

In V.0.5 and onwards, there's an unused .ogg called "EndingB1.ogg". It can be found in "SFX/EndingB1.ogg". The ending apparently would've been triggered when the player is killed by SCP-173 before leaving the tunnel. The ending audio is of two personnel noticing the player at the elevator's entrance, as well as seeing them get killed by 173.

As of now, SCP-173 does not appear at Gate B. This ending was cut for unknown reasons.

Ending Audio Dialogue:
"Sir, there's a Class-D outside the elevator to Gate B. Should we send someone in to get him?"
"He might have some useful information about what's going on in there. I'll call-"
"Never mind sir. It looks like 173 already took care of him."

Reason for being scrapped: Unknown
Extended Gate A Ending:

The ending in which the player is captured by MTF units was originally longer and included many more references to the fact that the player is in actuality controlled by a gamer. It was shortened by Regalis because he felt that the ending wasn't subtle enough. The full ending audio is as follows:

"Testing log ███. Subject █-████.

Subject appears to be detached from all human interaction, often breaking focus from people he is conversing with and performing odd actions such as jumping up on the highest platforms in the room, picking up and throwing objects across the room, and dropping items it was carrying on to the nearest person's head. Researchers are encouraged to ignore this behavior in order to discourage it.

Subject often goes in to brief trance-like states when startled, freezing up for periods lasting up to several minutes. After the time has passed, the subject will resume normal activity with no outward reaction to what has just happened.

Subject demonstrates extraordinary luck and complete mastery of even the most fatal of circumstances and an uncanny ability to predict even the most unpredictable of hazards, almost as if it has performed these impossible tasks several times before.

Further testing is required to determine whether the subject should receive SCP classification."

Reason for being scrapped: Not good enough
Original Intro Event:

Originally, there was supposed to be a event where a guard is forcing a Class D out of his cell instead of two guards escorting a Class D. This was scrapped. Presumely due to not making sense as Guards usually execute Class D's if they disobeyed the foundation orders, probably as well as creating an complicated animation would take time. The cell room, however, was finished but it went unused.

Reason for being scrapped: Probably executing a perfect event would be hard/Not making sense
Early Monitor "Lock down" Texture:

There's no point of explaining this. It's a placeholder.

Reason for being removed: Early version
Early SCP-1499-1's Model:

SCP-1499-1's model was going to be less detailed and would have multiple eyes over the chest. It uses a hazmat suit model similar to SCP-178-1.

Reason for being removed: Early version
Guard's Visor:

Originally, the guard's visor was suppose to be transparent but for unknown reasons, it was reverted to a solid (The transparent visor looks like it's half cut off). They may be added back in the future.

Reason for being removed: Unknown
Unknown "Figure" standing outside of the Surveillance Room:

In one of pre-release screenshot showing the Surveillance Room, there's an unknown figure standing in front of the door. The figure resembles a scientist. It is unknown why it was removed.

Reason for being removed: Unknown
SCP-205's Containment Chamber Development:

This room went through a lot of changes during the development.

In the first version, it uses SCP-1123 room as a base and it was small.

In the second version, it was a bigger room, almost resembling the final version of the room. The major difference of this version was a small storage closet, a projector screen, position of the stairs, an early version of control panels, striped window (Where they're going to place the window at), right side of the corridor leading to the main chamber, and a big empty space at the entrance.

Reason: Developments
Surveillance Room:

The control switch panel was originally on the left side but it was switched to the opposite side. This was probably due to players not exploring the room and will miss out the control switch panel.

Reason for being changed: Windows
(More stuff coming soon...)

From this point, there are some images that were changed or removed during the development.

Click the link to see the images!

Box Of Horrors:
Before Box Of Horrors was released, SCP-017 and SCP-[REDACTED] were planned during the early stages by InnocentSam. However, during the development, they were scrapped and were never considered of re-adding back into the mod.

Interestingly, SCP-017 was supposed to be released as a stand-alone mod but was scrapped and was originally planned to be added back in Box Of Horrors. Its containment chamber was completely done but the code remains unfinished.

SCP-[REDACTED] was supposed to be released as a stand-alone mod as well but it was never completed. Unlike SCP-017, it was actually proposed on Collaboration Thread. The model was made by Mirocaine. Locations were done but it was never finished.

Before Box Of Horrors was officially discontinued, Juanjpro releases some images of his re-works.

- SCP-458
- Updated model of SCP-038's Tree
- Mysterious Event, which was later known to be SCP-1074's original event

SCP-538 was assumed to be implemented into the mod as an Easter egg but this wasn't confirmed.

SCP-038's Updated Model was officially confirmed to be replacing the old model in the supposedly new version (Discontinued).

The event was described as after the player had fainted, they would wake up in an enclosed (Covered in bricks) hallway with props and corpses. Shortly, their other self (Murderer), will appear in front of them, who seems to be holding a knife. With no escape, their other self kills them. It was scrapped because Juan described it as "too plain and dropped it as out of interest". This was replaced with the event we all know. Judging by his re-works, it is possible that this event would be added back as an extension to SCP-1074's event.
Fan Breach:
Before Fan Breach's development started to cease slowly few years ago, there were some models, textures and rooms that were not added into the game yet they're present in the latest version which is bugged (Some). Some unfinished contents were also revealed at a Russian community SCP:CB Wikipedia.

Four notable leaks were SCP-113, SCP-427, SCP-999 and several loading screens.

SCP-811 was planned to be added into the mod (KennethCrooker's Character) but this was changed. It had a new model created based on the originals but got lost in the process.

Besides that, SCP-001 functioning in-game is wrong. Why? That's because of the wiki database being not completed (3000 - 3999). Creating all the documents is a hassle so this was changed.

One thing that most people didn't know: SCP-080

It was actually already in the "game", as SCP-106 being a black smoke.

SCP-1079 "Prototype/Old" model was using SCP-500 Pill. It was later changed in V.3.0.
SCP-001 "Prototype/Old" model had one paper. Papers were added more in V.3.0.
Project Resurrection:
Before the mod was officially announced, there was a video of SCP-005 being implemented in V.1.2.3 in the base game. There was note change on Dr. Maynard's Note, which has pencil shades scribbled on his name with a sentence, "I got caught! >:(".
This was later reverted due to the dice roll function, a function to randomly switch item locations or others.

At the start of the opening of "Project Resurrection", it was named "SCPs Mod". It was later changed during the first few days of the opening, "More SCPs Mod". To prevent confusing people as they may think as "Recommended SCPS Mod". In May 4th, a new name was created for the team, "Project Resurrection". It was also used for the mod name later on. There was a idea of having the mods name re-titled as "Too Many SCPs". This title was inspired by a prolong, popular Java mod called "Too Many Items" mostly due to the number of IDs being added in the code (That also becomes dead too...). But this proposal is scrapped once again.

SCP-1074 Joke was created because of Juan's disapprovement. In the original, it was poorly made. But in the newest, it was more cleaned, polished, some words censored with a stamp on it.

Originally, SCP-006's Containment Chamber was not planned at all but was decided to be added for more features.

There's three variations of DocRosen. Two being the earliest while the other is the latest, only happened to be changed.

SCP-006 Development:
While SCP-006's Containment Chamber was in early planning stages, DL_Baryonyx offered to sketch a simple layout.

Eventually, that simple layout became finalized. And so the room was created. Unknown to the public, the room was created in two variations. The only difference is the chamber (DUMB RIGHT?).

The first variation (Similar to sketch) was scrapped in December due to... coding an event. Supposedly, it wouldn't have been scrapped because the plan was originally having two different versions of the room being spawned (Choose the first or second variation so it's not like there's going to be two rooms in one map).

The event was a hassle due to me being too rushed and the development started to fade...

After that, the problem went away. And the development progress!


Technically, it didn't appear in Fan Breach. Just being mentioned.

Well, in fact, it already "did" appear in the game. SCP-106 OLD event.

Since SCP-080 wasn't confirmed if it has a physical body, why not make a sprite entity?

That.... Was a mess but I got through it (With the thanks of PXLSHN).

SCP-[REDACTED] Development:
Not yet. Just not yet...
Easter Eggs (SPOILERS):
As of V.0.3.0, there are only two Easter eggs.

Name: Juan's Disapprovement A.K.A "This event sucks."
Added: V.0.3.0 / V.0.2.5 (Bugged)
This comes in two parts: Document and Event.
Document: A document can be found near the door beside SCP-1074. The real document can only be found in archive room.
Event: It has 2% chance of activating the Easter egg. This will display the texts from V.1.3.1.
Future: There might be a achievement for it.

Name: The Link Between Comix and NTF Mod A.K.A "Secret" NPC
Added: V.0.3.0
The only hint to narrowing down is looking into Comix and NTF/PR files. Since there's a achievement name for it, it should be easy.
Notes: Apparently, everyone thought it's SCP-811. This, however, is impossible since TheKMan lost the model due to transferring to a newer PC. Of course, Kenneth did allow me to use his assets.

Name: ???
Added: V.0.4.0a
Sound Easter egg. Hehehehe...

Is there anything that I miss?
If anything, please report a bug in this topic.

V.0.4.0b/V.4.0b (V.1.3.11)
Without SCP:CB (MEGA)
Without SCP:CB (Google Drive)
Without SCP:CB (Mediafire)
V.0.4.0a/V.4.0a (V.1.3.11)
Without SCP:CB (MEGA)
Without SCP:CB (Google Drive)
Without SCP:CB (Mediafire)
V.0.4.0a/V.4.0a (V.1.3.9)
Without SCP:CB (MEGA)
Without SCP:CB (Google Drive)
Without SCP:CB (Mediafire)
V.0.3.1/V.3.1 (V.1.3.9)
Without SCP:CB (MEGA)
Without SCP:CB (Google Drive)
Without SCP:CB (Mediafire)
V.0.3.0/V.3.0 (V.1.3.7)
Without SCP:CB (MEGA)
Without SCP:CB (Google Drive)
Without SCP:CB (Mediafire)
V.0.2.5/V.2.5 (V.1.3.7)
Without SCP:CB
V.0.2.1/V.2.1 (V.1.3.1)
V.0.2.0/V.2.0 (V.1.3.1)
V.0.1.0/V.1.0 (V.1.3.1)
With SCP:CB (Link's gone)

Interested in downloading original stand-alone mod? Download here:
Box Of Horrors
V.0.8.0b (V.1.0.6 ; Direct Download)
V.0.8.0b (V.1.0.6 ; MEGA)
Fan Breach
Don't Look, Don't Blink (V.1.0.5) (EXTREMELY BUGGY)
Box Of Horrors
Fan Breach


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V.0.5.0 *Too many SCPs (TMSCPs)* (TBA ; Coming Soon)

Main Game:

- Added SCP-2053 (Paternal Rubik's Cube)

Box Of Horrors:

- Added SCP-017 (Shadow Person)


Fan Breach:

- Added SCP-999 (Entity)

- Added SCP-484 (Memory Stealing Drug)

- Coming Soon

Project Resurrection:

- Added SCP-458 (Infinite Pizza)


- Added SCP-[REDACTED] along with new locations that the player will be teleported to

- Added (Coming Soon)


V.0.5.0a *Project "R" Launched* (TBA)

Main Game

- Added SCP-689 (Haunter in the Dark)

- Added SCP-085 (Hand-drawn "Cassy")

Project Resurrection

- Added SCP-1876 (Selfish Toothbrush)



- Added SCP-080's Containment Chamber

- Added SCP-689's Containment Chamber

- Added a three SCP Containment Chamber

- Added Indev Conference Room

Loading Screens

- Added SCP-999, SCP-001 and SCP-020 Loading Screens

(Coming Soon)

V.0.4.0b *NPCs Day* (TBA 2018)

Fan Breach SCPs:

- Added SCP-087-B (Endless Hallways) (Regalis's version)

- Added SCP-131 (The Eye Pods)

- Added SCP-1026-RU (Dark Ego)


- Added a little surprise that is related to Box of Horrors

- Re-added back SCP-178's Containment Chamber

- Added SCP-131's Containment Chamber

- You can command SCP-131

- Added achievements for SCP-650 and SCP-113

- Added new model for SCP-1026-RU

- Added SCP-1079 as an option of SCP-294

- Added three Heavy Containment Zone rooms for 3D Menu

- Added loading screens for SCP-006, SCP-020, and SCP-650


- Re-tweaked Ikobot (Able to open doors)

- Changed SCP-427's inventory icon to PR's inventory icon version

- Re-edited Fan Breach loading screens descriptions

- Changed SCP-173-J and SCP-087-B loading screens descriptions completely

- Updated Box of Horrors and Project Resurrection labels

- Syringes from old medical bay are retrievable

- Extended the death timer for SCP-080

- Re-edit old medical bay textures


- Added a few variations of NPCs from Fan Breach

- Scattered and hidden a few objects around LCZ and HCZ

- Old Medibay is set to spawn 30% rate in the light containment zone

Bug Fixes:

- Fixed Gas Mask detected as Hazmat Suit when saved

V.0.4.0a PORT *Please be bug-free* (TBA 2018)

- Ported to V.1.3.11

Box Of Horror SCPs:

- Re-added SCP-178 ("3-D" Specs)


- SCP-038 will produce a fail clone of SCP-427


- Updated the color of the labels

- If you are near the briefcase and you drop the items there, you can pick it up

- You can no longer teleport to pocket dimension via SCP-001 

- SCP-080 is spawn-able via SCP-001

- Soviet GP-5 Gas Mask will take seconds to be put on or taken off similar to SCP-1499

- Re-tweaked SCP-409's crystalization (It was off in the end)

- SCP-409's crystalization should appear in the debug hud

- Re-tweaked 3D Menu a bit

- Removed a command "allachievements" and "giveachievement" should appear in one of the "help" list

- Relocated SCP-409's live footage in a different monitor

- SCP-173-J and SCP-173 should no longer appear at the same time

Bug Fixes:

- "Scary" event should only occur if SCP-005 was placed in its containment chamber

- Fixed briefcase's animation in SCP-001's Containment Chamber

- Fixed SCP-650 displaying in the navigator when the player has not encounter yet

- Fixed SCP-173-J issue

- Fixed other rooms events issue

- Fixed things that were related to the mod that failed to save or load

- Fixed Soviet GP-5 Gas Mask overlay not removed when wearing other headgears 

- Fixed SCP-106 not spawning via SCP-001

V.0.4.0a *Classified Horror* (10th August 2018)

Fan Breach SCPs:

- Added SCP-113 (The Gender-Switcher)

- Added SCP-173-J (The Original "The Sculpture")

- Added SCP-650 (Startling Statue)


- Added a Fan Breach command "Morph 173-J" or "Morph 173". You can play as SCP-173-J or 173.

- Added SCP-001's Containment Chamber

- Added SCP-650's Containment Chamber

- Added standard storage room and mini warehouse (SCP-113 and SCP-1079)

- Added Project Resurrection credits

- Added SCP-1079 Packet

- Added achievements for SCP-001, SCP-006 and SCP-1079

- Added one new Easter egg

- Added two Heavy Containment Zone rooms for 3D Menu

- Added new model for SCP-650


- SCP-173-J will replace SCP-173's place in certain events

- Re-adjusted SCP-005's Containment Chamber room wall textures

- Re-tweaked SCP-1079 a little bit

- If the player's gender is a female and death, a bunch of minor/major special death message or an special event is triggered

Bug Fixes:

- Newroom005 and room038 should spawn now (It seems that it conflicts with a few LCZ rooms.)

V.0.3.1 *IMHURT.exe* (28th December 2017):

- Ported over to V.1.3.9

- Switched to Map Creator V.2.0


- All SCP-038's Failed Clones should no longer hold the effects of the original items

- "Pill" cannot be consumed when in Hazmat Suit

- All SCP-038's Failed Clones sounds should be similar to the original ones

- Changed SCP-1499's failed clone name to a better one.

- Soviet GP-5 Gas Mask can be converted to a normal gas mask by SCP-914 (1:1, Fine and Very Fine)

- You can wear Soviet GP-5 Gas Mask now

- Added a condition for SCP-005 on locked keycard (remote control, etc) doors (I forgot to add in V.3.0)

- Re-balanced SCP-038's Achievement 

- Turning away or holding the blink timer will reset the state timer on SCP-080 but it will still look at you unless further distance.

- Minor change to the 3D Menu (Thanks to PXLSHN)

Bug Fixes:

- SCP-1074 should display the correct texture if the condition is applied (If there is)

- Fixed "Scary Event" trigger issue (Apparently, it didn't trigger at all.)

- Fixed "Start" models from not appearing in 3D Menu

- "Start" sound should be playing in the background in 3D Menu

- Fixed 3D Menu upon setting gamma correction or antialiased texts

V.0.3.0 *First Part of Fan Breach / Emptiness Void* (Released on 20th Of December 2017):

Fan Breach SCPs:

- Added SCP-001 (Jonathan Bell Version ; Sheaf Of Papers)

- Added SCP-1079 (Dr Wondertainment's Bubblebath Bonbons)

- Added SCP-006 (Fountain Of Youth)

- Added SCP-999 (The Tickle Monster) (Currently available as a cup)

- Added SCP-080 (Dark Form) (Only entity is available)


- Added SCP-006 Containment Chamber

- Port Old Medibay

- Added a testing room without SCP-1074


- Added Ikobot (Fan Breach Last Version ; Following Companion)

- Added a secret NPC in-game and is only spawn able in console only. (Spawn-able isn't a right word. Maybe "can only be activated".)


- Added a achievement "This Looks Familiar..."

Loading Screens:

- Added Fan Breach Loading Screens


- Added Security Camera in SCP-409's Containment Chamber and is broadcasted in the Surveillance Room

- Added 3D Menu

- Added a note regarding to an SCP that does not exist in the foundation database (But has its own page)

- Added texts for SCP-005 used on the "cannot be open" key card lock door

- Added SCP-409 and SCP-006 Drinks

- Added sounds and bloods for SCP-1079

- Re-add back "Hidden" Joke

- Added SCP-006 Document


- Added new model for SCP-1079 (No more placeholder pills)

- Added new model for SCP-001

- Instead of the "Zombie Guard" standing up instantly, it will play its animation first. Giving you a few seconds or else you would back off and ignore the first-aid kit.

- Binoculars and SCP-006 Document can be found in SCP-006 Containment Chamber Control Room

Bug Fixes:

- Fixed SCP-294 Drink "SCP-009" death sound

- Fixed SCP-009 that cannot be dispensed with SCP-294

- Fixed SCP-409 Ambience sounds that is not played during room409

- Fixed "Scary Event"

V.0.2.5 *Port to V.1.3.7* (23rd Of April 2017):

Box Of Horrors:

- Ported all the BoH SCPS to V.1.3.7.

- Added all achievements from BoH


- Added SCP-005 at Dr. Maynard's Office as a fourth Switch-A-Roo. (Originally one of the locations)

- Added a text condition for SCP-005 if the object is inserted into the hand scanner.

- Added "Scary" Event


- Added back SCP-1074

- Replaced SCP-005's Containment Chamber from BoH with InnocentSam SCP-005's Containment Chamber along with minor changes. No more closets! (That's what he said)

- SCP-038's failed clones no longer held the effects

- "Juan Disapprove This!" have been revamped

- Renamed SCP-1074 Joke to "Unknown Document"

- Removed "Hidden Secret"

V.0.2.1 *Additions with Bug Fixes* (Released on the 24th of August 2016):


- Added a new command called "allachievement" (Unlocks all of the achievement, by inserting 0 to the allachievement)


- Added a hidden secret (Cannot be found in-game)

Bug Fixes:

- Fixed SCP-038's crash when duplicating SCPs (No effects aren't implemented yet)

V.0.2.0 *Second Part of Box Of Horrors* (Released on the 22th of August 2016):

Box Of Horrors SCPs:

- Added SCP-009 (Red Ice)

- Added SCP-020 (Unseen Mold)

- Added SCP-038 (The Everything Tree)


- Added all Box Of Horrors loading screens

- SCP-038 will now duplicate a fail clone of SCP-1499

- Added a new command called "reset372" (For the ease of users)

- Added a text condition for SCP-005 if the object is inserted into the key card slot

- Added three achievements (SCP-009, SCP-020, and SCP-038)

- Added [REDACTED] Disapprove This! (Located in room2test1074)

- "Cup Of Red Ice" is now an option for SCP-294

- Added Binoculars

- Added a new room "Medical Bay"

Bug Fixes:

- Fixed "Memory Access Violation" if SCP-005 is inserted into the fingerprint (hand) scanner

- Fixed SCP-1074 for not displaying the correct texture if the condition "SCP-714" is applied (Thanks to PXLSHN)


V.0.1.0 *Soft-Opening of "Project Resurrection" / First revival port of Box Of Horrors* (Released on the 15th of August 2016):

Box Of Horrors SCPs:

- Added SCP-005 (Skeleton Key)

- Added SCP-409 (Contagious Crystal)


- Added back SCP-1074's achievement

- Added two achievements (SCP-005 and SCP-409)

- Added Dr. Maynard Notes, Document SCP-005 and Document SCP-409

- SCP-005 Document can be found in the archive room


- Removed Juan's SCP-1074 texts and restored original SCP-1074 texts

- Rate of generating the room2test1074 have been reverted

Bug Fixes:

- None

SCP - Containment Breach:
Regalis: The main creator of the game

Project Resurrection:
Diszxchat: Basic Coder, Room Designer and 3D Modeller. Created "Project Resurrection".
Ikobot: Shares Fan Breach resources. Does modeling, room designing and possibly coding as well. Leader of Fan Breach.
PXLSHN/ENDSHN: For assistance. Leader of NTF Mod.
Vane Brain: Shares unused game resources. Vice-Leader of NTF Mod.
The KMan: Modeller from Fan Breach and for Project Resurrection.
Redbul.Ivan: Fan Breach Room Designer and Modeller, Project Resurrection Modeller.
Thanks to:
InnocentSam: For his original SCP-005's Containment Chamber and Document SCP-005.
Juanjpro: For Box Of Horrors issues.
DL_Baryonyx: For SCP-006 label and document.
KennethCrooker: For his assets for the "Secret" NPC.
Youtubers: For playing "Project Resurrection".

Juanjpro: For making SCP-178, SCP-1074, SCP-038, SCP-009, clipboard mod, random maintenance tunnels, new tesla gates, 3D Menu, and many bugfixes
InnocentSam: For making SCP-005, SCP-1123, SCP-409, SCP-020, medibay (medical bay) room, achievements menu and half of the night vision goggles
Prune: For the sound effects/ambiance, assistance in room designing, achievement names with descriptions and mod tester
Niborius (Nib Games): For making showcase video of BoH SCPS
Tobop: For the SCP-409 and binoculars models
Mirocaine: For the night vision goggles model
Skin_: For the various graphics and textures.

Fan Breach:
Ikobot: Fan Breach Leader (Coding and adding sounds)
The KMan: Fan Breach 3D Modeller
Redbul.Ivan: Fan Breach Room Designer (Texturing and adding sounds)
Rarity From Valley Of Avalar: Fan Breach Texturer and English Translator
OgaraOrCynder: Concepts and Texturing for Fan Breach
ICAS-14: Some models for Fan Breach
Ivan Badikov: Kozub's Anus dimension for Fan Breach (?)
JELlegendz: Reviewing the mod
Idera: For SCP-811's model base (Old)
Kenneth Crooker: Provides other parts of SCP-811's model and textures (Old)
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Re: [1.3.1] SCPS Mod

Seriously, this scps sucks? No way, its been in the game for so long so how this SCP sucks?
Yes, it does suck. How it made it into the official game is beyond me, and I'm glad that it's mostly gone now.

Anyway, I'll check this out at some point.

Re: [1.3.1] SCPS Mod

SCP:CBfanboy3028 wrote:the scrapped scp mod

not made by me but one day someone might make it.
this mod includes lots of scrapped ideas from scp:cb

and more stuff from the wiki.
SCP:CBfanboy3028 wrote:Medibay
We will see...