Re: SCP - New Fear [Unreleased Total Conversion]

mrpeanut188 wrote:
OnyxDarkKnight wrote: Yes, I do too have lots of ideas and looking forward to the mod.
Thanks! Like I said earlier, progress is slow, but we are always open for ideas!
OnyxDarkKnight wrote: Will you be able to play as an SCP, because you did mention this will be an RPG style, so it would be really cool if you could be an SCP :)
No. Maybe after release, but it is an over-used idea. Although it has never been executed nicely.

By 'RPG' style, I mean you have choices to make, that could either benefit or hurt you depending on previous choices and influencing future possibilities.
What SCPs do you plan on adding? I wish you would add Able and the Shadow Spiders :D