Does a Mod like this already exist?

Hello hello!

I'd like to know if there already is a Mod about Anime! i've had a pretty fun idea in my mind for a while and already started to test stuff out, but i guess it would be a waste of time to make something that already exists...

The basic idea is to make a re-texture and re-sound(?) mod where every (deadly) SCP resembles some kind of girly Character like a Yandere, Tsundere etc. The whole style will look rather...well anime-like and would be packed with lotsa easter eggs!

Thanks in advance!

-Dakota :035:

Re: Does a Mod like this already exist?

ADMAndrew wrote:Sounds good :laugh: I have a question the scientists would also be affected :?
PA System:
Attention please: Dr. Omae wa, report to: Mou shindeiru for nani!
Lmao, yes, everyone will be Kawaii-fied :laugh:

And i thought about using the Omae Wa on 173 since it would fit perfectly (I am searching for a cute and girly version of it to match the kawaii face)