[v1.3.9] SCP Professional Mod (Version 0.0.2)

SCP Professional Mod v0.0.2 Download Link ▬ http://www.mediafire.com/file/inqz2zsh7 ... v0.0.2.zip

Official SCP Escape - Year II Event Discord Link ▬ https://discord.gg/AJC3aMa

Event Forum Post ▬ viewtopic.php?f=3&t=8688

About the Mod
Over the course of 9 Days, I have managed to develop a Mod that is inherently more torturous and difficult to play. I present to you the SCP Professional Mod, a mechanically intensive and arduous Mod meant to challenge players. It's best used in conjunction with the currently ongoing SCP Escape - Year II Event. However, if you do desire to simply challenge yourself, then playing the Mod will do just that.

Within the Mod, we seek to create new Mechanisms & Features that expand upon the difficult nature of this game. If creating an SCP will yield to that, then we will append such an SCP to the Mod. If you have suggestions, questions, and/or concerns in regards to the Mod, you could address them within the Discord Server or make a post about it here.

Additions & Changes:
▬ Professional Mod Changelog has been added to the Mod. You can view all Changes made in regards to the Mod.
▬ The Ability to Toggle FOV from Option's Realism Tab has been added to the Mod.

▬ The Rate at which 079 Announcements were being played have been fixed.
▬ The Executable's Rocket Icon has been replaced with the New Icon provided by Flipsy.
▬ Description of Entamaphobia has been fixed from "open doors" to "closed doors."


Additions & Changes:
▬ TheHappyJammer's FOV Addon has been integrated into the Mod. ( <3 TheHappyJammer )
▬ Seed Input has been taken out of the Mod.
▬ A BannedSeeds System has been implemented. To use it, input Seeds within bannedseeds.ini that you do not wish to see.
▬ The Realism Tab has been created and added to the Options Menu.
▬ Within the Realism Tab, Realistic Blinking Mechanisms, Realistic Stamina Effects, & Entamaphobia and their effects have been implemented.
▬ The Ability to Toggle 173's Hitbox Value has been added to the Mod.
▬ A New Hidden Apollyon Game-Mode has been added to the Mod.
▬ SCP-1499 has been removed from its Containment Chamber. (Thank Goodness)
▬ SCP-714's Interactivity with 966s has been removed from the Mod.
▬ Another SCP-966 Entity spawns when entering SCP-966's Containment Chamber.
▬ SCP-096 emits considerably less noise.
▬ Another Mode of NPC Aggression Factor, Termed as Malevolent, and its effects have been added to the Mod.
▬ SCP-106's Spawn-Rate has been buffed.
▬ Super Gas Mask has been nerfed.
▬ A Nude Photo of SCP-173 has replaced SCP-1499's usual spawning point.
▬ A Mechanism that limits the Usage of SCP-294 has been added to the Mod.
▬ Refining Key Cards to Higher Level Key Cards became considerably more difficult. In order to receive the Chance to Refine a Key Card to Omni, you must have at least 22 Achievements.
▬ New 079 Announcements have been added to the Mod.
▬ The Item "Helmet" has been added to the Mod. When worn, the Helmet nullifies headshots. The Helmet can be found within the Doctor's Quarters within the Entrance Zone and appears as a Gas Mask.
▬ The Item "Helmet" can be Refined to a "Super Helmet." When worn alongside with a Heavy Ballistic Vest, damage output from shots drops considerably.
▬ New Commands, accessible via the Usage of Command Console, have been added to the Mod. The New Commands are the following:
• Save
• Spawnitem helmet
• Spawnitem superhelmet

▬ 106's Model Not Appearing has been fixed with Precipitator's Help.
Planned Updates:
None at the Current Moment. If you would like to make Suggestions, please do so.
Older Versions: Credits:
• Vane Brain & ENDSHN ▬ They have my utmost gratitude for maintaining the development of SCP Containment Breach and for all the questions I've pestered them with. Without their assistance, this Mod would not have come into fruition.
• TheHappyJammer ▬ Not only has he helped resolve all of the MAV Issues via the usage of the 4GB Patch, but also has created FOV Addon and helped integrate his Mod into the Professional Mod, which establishes the game in a more realistic Field of View. Use the FOV Mod for your own Mods found within the Links Section of this Post.
• Agent BSoD ▬ He created the beautifully stylized Words of the Header Picture of this Post.
• Flipsy ▬ He created new Sound Effects for 096 and 079. He has also created an Icon for the Executable File.
• Precipitator ▬ He fixed the infamous 106's Model not appearing bug.
• PootisWizard ▬ He created the lovely document depicting a nude photo of 173.
• All the Testers who have helped iron out all the Bugs.
• SCP Professional Mod: http://www.mediafire.com/file/inqz2zsh7 ... v0.0.2.zip

• 4GB Patch: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=6498

• TheHappyJammer's Field Of View (FOV) Addon: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=8433

• Discord Server: https://discord.gg/AJC3aMa

• Event Forum Post: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=8688
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