Re: D-Class Promotion?

I think that someone that was demoted to d-class as a punishment can at least return to the normal staff.

Normal D-class never can get higher. The d-class with more recognition is the one who neutralized scp-1983, and other unespecified one, both post-mortem.

For normal d-call the only way out is normal termination/cicling and memory wipping/ clonation/prefered theory
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Re: D-Class Promotion?

D-Class is typically for life, while it is stated that a D-Class is "executed" at the end of the month there are some theory's that in reality they are just relocated around sites at the month mark, pointing to the fact that executing an entire workforce every month is unsustainable.

There are some very rare and extraordinary cases where a D-Class is "promoted" to an extent, as some of you may know Class-D's that exhibit a rare trait, such as suffering from a rare disease or are disabled may be exempt from monthly termination due to how hard it is to find these people.

There is one case where a Class-D was promoted to a "Class-B", mainly in that this Class-D was an expert hunter and tracker and proved highly useful in the examination of a SCP species. (I forgot its classification).
Also in one game ending the player is captured by the MTF and held in confinement, with a recommendation of the player character being given an SCP classification due to his uncanny ability to not only predict events that have not happenend, but to expertly avoid and solve issues as if he was an expert on them.

However a promotion to an SCP is a questionable promotion.
There is also one case where a Class-D was promoted to a SCP, again I forgot its number.

As far as I know however no Class-D has been admitted into the Staff Ranks.
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Re: D-Class Promotion?

Personally it wouldn't make sense to me to waste a potentially valuable resource through summary executions, after all even if you were to depopulate all the death row inmates from the world's prisons; there still shouldn't be enough for the Foundation to use to be so cavalier with them. Unless of course, not all of them are death row inmates or even inmates at all. Or clones, the Foundation does have the capacity to mass-clone everybody on the planet so a bunch of D-class would be small potatoes. In any event, it would be more viable to just dope them with amnesiacs and re-submit them through testing.

Of course, I do have a head canon that the Foundation does recruit D-class if they're valuable in some way. Like a high psi resistance index, or advanced knowledge in a field or area of study. Or even as agents if they prove tough to kill or even take down an SCP in some cases. The Foundation is pragmatic and practical in every sense of the word and I don't see them wasting an individual as a D-class if they'd be more useful elsewhere.