Does Izumi Kato know about SCP-173?

As (I hope) many of you know, the original picture of :173: is an actual sculpture made by Izumi Kato. I believe right now the statue is in a private collection, and looks a little different now.
Original Photo
More Recent Photos
Anyways, since the SCP Foundation is a rather big internet phenomenon, I have been wondering, does Izumi Kato know about us?
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Re: Does Izumi Kato know about SCP-173?

IDK, I really want to license SCP 173 to a more Cultural Work friendly such as Creative Commons ShareAlike-Attribution 4.0 so anyone can remix the work even commercially. Maybe some should find the statue and picture it then license the photo as CC BY-SA 4.0. The original photo of 173 by Izumi Kato says it should not be used for Commercial purposes which is a problem