Should Sonic the Hedgehog be a (joke) SCP?

Note: I should say I'm not sure of what the extent is about what is and isn't allowed on the Foundation site, but I highly doubt Sonic the Hedgehog is allowed. Because of this, if he isn't allowed, I'd respectfully make him a joke SCP.

Anyway, for one thing, Sonic would be classified as an SCP in the Foundation universe without question. I mean, look at him! An anthropomorphic hedgehog with the ability to run at the speed of sound. But think about it. He's so fast, he can dodge bullets shot at him with ease, and when placed in a containment chamber, he escapes right before the door closes. Basically, he can't be contained. They decide to conduct an interview with him, and they decide upon a truce. Sonic agrees to let the Foundation preform multiple tests on him as long as they allow him to freely roam the facility as he pleases (Not right away, of course. Sonic has to earn their trust first, through more interviews and such) and help him get back to his planet, Mobius. As for his backstory, he got teleported to Earth from Mobius due to one of Dr. Eggman's inventions.

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