A Post Mortem on recent events.

Before I start I want to raise an important point that has been thrown around a bit, I have never nor will I ever ban a user for giving their opinion, dissenting or otherwise, or for any other reason except for when that user has broken enough rules. I am sure that the other Moderators can corroborate this.

Now on to the topic at hand.

In retrospective the whole "poll" idea was, bluntly, the stupidest idea I have ever made on this forum. The poll is to easily manipulated since I cannot reliable check users who have voted, and that it can essentially turn into a popularity contest with good people being left in the dust. As well as the fact that some other good candidates were left out due to the 10 question limit. I feel that from now on all future moderators will be selected by the current Admin/Moderator team. I am not going to completely disregard the poll but I will be discussing with the other mods on who we should elect to an Moderator position.

However I do feel that the whole situation was dramatically exacerbated, getting to the point of these beliefs of myself banning people, somehow disabling the PM system on the old forum (I don't have that power!) among other things. I think that we all can share some of the blame on these issues, however I won't make further comments on these matters to avoid further escalation.


I also feel I should stress to WhiteAce that I have no personal grudge nor bias against you (Or any user for that), I honestly have not made any active attempt to avoid contacting you (Aside from the occasional PM getting lost). Again I was forced to leave during the IRC chat due to real life events, though I can understand that my response may have seemed rude and condescending.

And Xander512, well I appreciate criticisms directed towards me, I would appreciate that you kept them to PM's.

So what happens now?

Basically I am going to get in contact with the other mods and work out who we would like to be promoted to moderators, an announcement will be posted for that. As well as any general suggestions on the forums status.

I personally do not see a reason to elect another Administrator as of now, mainly because the Admin is almost identical to a Moderator except for a few addition powers, (Which do not have any use towards moderating the forums at all) and a red title. If anything having more Admins may be detrimental.


Any feedback and points to make on these events, as well as continuing discussions on the old thread, are welcome.
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Re: A Post Mortem on recent events.

Well I think I may have been over-thinking things a little but I do know I need a long break from the forums and although a lot of the time I've tried to break free from these forums I feel a lot of the time I am pulled back in for some reason it seems like I have no willpower or choice in the matter but for now I am going to try to avoid posting,

I am sorry for making such accusations.
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Re: A Post Mortem on recent events.

spartan322 wrote:So, you are saying that the results on the poll will have no effects whatsoever on who gets chose?
The poll results will influence my decision, but not as much as they would have since I am also basing my decision on whoever the other mods suggest become a Moderator.
SCP:CB Administrator. 99% of my statements are my own and do not represent the official developers viewpoint.

Re: A Post Mortem on recent events.

What happened on Off-topic during the poll voting period was....strange..
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Re: A Post Mortem on recent events.

Sparks wrote:What happened on Off-topic during the poll voting period was....strange..
A Hideous Beast wrote:Oh Lord, I guess I missed several things while I was away O.o
I missed everything, too. I'm sad, I would have loved to see that.
Richy wrote:From experience I think approaching people you think could/should be mods is the best way to go about it
I like this idea.
Steelpoint wrote: The poll results will influence my decision, but not as much as they would have since I am also basing my decision on whoever the other mods suggest become a Moderator.
Also, does this mean anyone is elligible (can't spell) for moderator? 'Cos I never saw the apply thread and probably would have.

Re: A Post Mortem on recent events.

Steelpoint, I just wanna say thanks, since no one around here really has. Ya, the pole was most likely not the best idea, but at least it was a good attempt right?
About the "bursting out" of others on here, think of it like this:
This forum is mainly for the game, yes you can talk here and there, but the whole purpose here is to honestly make the best damn scary game out there. There are plenty of people on these forums who pour their heart into this game. Having fits or anything sorta disrespects that. Please, stay professional and mature. Think of how far this game has come, think of how much has been done lately, and think of where this game could be heading. In all honesty the possibilities are endless.
All we should do is focus on developing the game, best we can. I know Regalis can't really develop much, but that does not mean we cannot make additions to the game, or at least get them prepared. While we do this we need a moderator who can keep the peace on the forum to enforce this idea. That is the point of a moderator. I strongly believe that with someone who can do this, then the development of the game could definitely be more peaceful, passionate, and professional.
Right now, take a look at the game, take a look at what has been done, how about you go through the collaboration forums a bit. Look at the work people have put into this game.... Look at the time and amount of work it has taken to develop it.... For. Free. People really want to involve themselves in this game and give it their all, to push this game to the top, and make it a completed work of art that it truly is. Maybe you all just need to say stop, and think of all of this. If people feel heated, take a day or two to calm yourself down, then comeback with a calm mind about things. If you don't want to then continue on with your day. The problem about people who get heated is that they don't seem to take a breath before answering back rudely. They seem to do it instantly when they are angry, problem is that your not entirely calm when doing so.
This game is why we are here is it not? When I first came on board I was amazed at how willing people were to let me help, and how open everyone was, including Regalis. Then it occurred to me that people are not developing this because it is there job, but because they have heart. Heart is what makes a game. Not money, not budget, not emotional outbursts, but heart. The moderator is someone who needs to keep that going, he needs to make sure those who are working with a passion do not get bothered or obscured by someone who does not have a passion for this game. Just stop, and think about how the only purpose of this voting is to pick a new moderator who can do that. That is what a moderator should realize. Please, anyone who is feeling angry towards someone or to those who want to start tension, think of what I just said, and stay calm and don't mess with the people who have a passion for this game, and will continue on developing it as if it were their job, because it is not their job, and they are doing this because they want to see a good game that formed from passion out in the world.
Thanks for sticking through that
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