How should signature pictures be regulated?

No animated signatures and a height limit
Total votes: 11 (38%)
No animated signatures, filesize limit and a height limit
Total votes: 13 (45%)
No signature pictures at all
Total votes: 5 (17%)
Total votes: 29

Re: Signature limitations

Regalis wrote:I think some rules are needed concerning signature pictures. Some people have started using large (> 1 MB), animated pictures, which is extremely annoying to people with a slower internet connection. I also think it's a bit distracting when the signatures take up more space than the actual posts. Personally I'd rather just disable [img]-tags from signatures entirely, but I'm pretty sure most users wouldn't want that, so let's have a vote. I'll close the poll on Wednesday.
Yeah they are pretty annoying, just get rid of them all...


Is it possible to limit them just to mods or something?

I'm at 20 mb/s so it has nothing to do with internet speed, imo.

Re: Signature limitations

Well, Mine is only for Advertising (Kinda)


EDIT: Changed my Sig to the white fox/wolf one since Firefox made it so EPIC!
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Re: Signature limitations

Mine appears to be fine as it is don't you think?
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Re: Signature limitations

The poll is closed now, and we'll go with...
No animated signatures, filesize limit and a height limit
I think a 100px vertical limit is ok (if you have multiple images in your signature, their combined height shouldn't be more than that), and the filesize limit could be 50kB.