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LukeDude759 wrote:Yeah, I bet most people didn't even know who they were.

On a related note: Seriously, who are they?
Dr. Everett Mann is a Senior Staff who's well-known for being a tad nuts, if sophisticated. In one Tale, he kills off the O5 and replaces them with other staff... and in a follow-up Tale he's killed for doing so (IIRC). He also had a ask "blog".

Vang is best known from the SCP-___-J article. The author of ___-J admits that the rock isn't real and that Vang is a lazy asshole.

EDIT: Results of the last poll.
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Insanity's Bane wrote:I apologize for the lack of "bars" but the wiki was fucking up for me for some reason. Anyways, results of another poll.
Huh. Thought Fred would win...
i think people actually thought that that fred was the youtube fred....
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