SCP-Sean wrote:Can I just say that the MTFs don't really have much personality, they are kinda just 'DURH WUHT I DOIHN MUH JUB'
When we have the proper mods that can add MTF units who can do actions such as move their heads, jaws, and hands in motions that aren't just automatic, then we can add personality. In the meantime, we have what we have.

Oh, and hi, Omniary! Long time, no see, eh?


Heya! Welcome back dude.

As for the MTF not really having a personality, I can kind of see what you mean. Right now they're kinda the generic, cold and calculating sounding military officers (with the exception of a few of the newer lines). What I was thinking was that perhaps a different voice could be assigned to one of the 3 different MTF units, so 1) They don't all sound identical, 2) The lines and their voices remain consistent and 3) To add more personality to each of them. But I don't think the VA's should overdo their voices, otherwise they might sound like the HECU from Black Mesa.
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Cpbald wrote:Right now they need to aim better. It's odd that they MENTION seeing me and just walk away. I don't even get shot once.
I'm sorry, these two sentences just doesn't correlate, but I know what you mean.

That's a difficult matter of the AI for all MTF. Unless you can code...


While it would be cool for the MTFs to have differing personalities, I think it would be cooler for them to stay emotionless and calculating. If an organization this secret really did have a private military, I would picture them to be just like that: cold and efficient soldiers who mean business.

What I DON'T picture them being are stormtroopers who don't know how to operate guns, so yes, I'm all for their AI being greatly improved. I also think they should all have varied voices.


I think a more fluid pathfinding system would add a nice touch, it's a bit too strict as to how NPCs travel towards way-points. No way in hell am I gonna write that though; still gives me nightmares, and quite frankly I prefer a low-carb diet.

EDIT: Oh would you look at that, Vasquez is back. It's been a while.
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Another MTF idea:

Maybe at first, only one MTF will actively search for the player.
The more you run, the more chase you, until all nine of those dudes are chasing you.

It'd make stealth a bit more essential as getting caught and surviving means that they'll just get backup after you.

However, if you get away without getting caught, they don't notice you, don't call backup, and all is well.