Steelpoint wrote:SCP-096

SCP-096 is a Euclid-class SCP object. It is a tall and emaciated pale humanoid. When someone views SCP-096's face, even indirectly, it will enter a stage of considerable emotional distress for 20 seconds. When it exits this stage, it will begin chasing that person at great speed with the intent of killing.



096 is a minor hostile SCP that is present ingame, currently it is solely found in its (Badly made) containment chamber sitting in the center of the room. It will remain in this state indefinitely unless the player looks directly at its face. Upon doing this 096 will start to react in a highly emotional state, shaking violently for about 20 seconds, after this it will start to pursue the player at a great speed (Almost as fast as a sprint) until it kills the player. Once viewed there is no way to stop 096 and it will continue to pursue the player until the player is killed, it is able to rip open every and any door on the site in its pursuit, even doors not normally meant to be opened. Tesla Gates will not stop 096 but will stun it for a few moments before restarting its pursuit.


SCP-096's only change in this new patch is a new location to find it in, where it is standing upright already when a Guard looks at it. SCP-096 proceeds to enter a Panic state where it will attack the Guard, who attempts to return fire. After this SCP-096 patrols the room at a walking pace.

basically, I have a few ideas for 096 in newer updates:

1. Stunning him is great to escape him
2. Containing him with an SCP-049-2 Specimen trying to kill you is able to work
3. Getting the Mobile Task Force involved
4. SCP-096 can be able to break doors(running into the doors, causing the doors to slam to the ground)
5. SCP-096 can be able to have his head bagged
and 6. SCP-096 having alternate containment cell(Pre-SCP-096-1-A Interview)
:096: RUN AWAY!!! :096:


Omniary wrote:
Sun Jan 27, 2013 5:10 pm
Steelpoint wrote:I think an earlier suggestion was to have 096's chamber doors ripped off and mutilated bodies strewn nearby 096. To show that during the breach a bunch of people took an accidental glance at it.

I was thinking that 096's chamber should consist of two areas, the actual squad containment area and a study area surrounding it, so the dead bodies can be found outside near destroyed equipment.
Yeah, if I recall, that might've been an idea I coined, if so, for the study area, I think it'd be a bit devious to make it look very similar to that of a standard 2-Level lowered office at first glance, so the player will continue on, unaware that they're in a not-so-randomly generated string of rooms that 096 will patrol.

And I don't believe there'd be bodies left over, since it's mentioned whatever 096 does to [REDACTED] a person, it leaves behind no remains. Perhaps a pool of blood and a lab coat.
I'd have to agree. One of my questions is what exactly 096 does. If it leaves no remains, perhaps... eating.. them? Idk. Just a guess.