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SciZoroark wrote:WARNING: wall of text inbound.
JoeKool82185 wrote:049 does say to the doctor that he doesn't detect the disease and THEREFORE he assumes he is a doctor. I think this is significant. I doubt a Class D is going to be "pure" in 049's eyes.
How do you know your character in game ISN'T a doctor? Maybe you were a doctor before being incarcerated. You were convicted of performing faulty operations or something like that. Secretly you did exactly what 049 does only in a much less graceful manner.
Steelpoint wrote:I do have some personal ideas on how to enhance SCP-049, in no particular order.

1. Have a percent chance of the player being infected with the "pestilence". SCP-049 has been shown to not attack people that do not have this aliment, so if the player is not infected SCP-049 will ignore the player, or even engage in conversation. Though SCP-049-2 won't be as friendly.

2. Have SCP-049 be a roaming SCP of sorts, essentially after it is discovered SCP-049 will move about the site at it own pace for a short period before retreating back to its own territory.
ShadowDust wrote:Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait... So... The plague is a disease

SCP 500 cures diseases

D-class takes SCP 500 "curing" the disease along with AIDS, cancer, gonorrea and other stuff.

Okay, I came across this thread while searching for any hints as to what "mask" SCP-049 had talked to during his breach. After reading over a bit of this thread I have an idea or two I would like to throw out there. This is just a creative overflow that I want to put out there, so don't take it too seriously. Hahaha.

Anywho, onto the ideas!!! (I will be responding to of the original quoted-quoted text above)

The idea was spawned by JoeKool's and ShadowDust's comments. That a Class D would not be seen as pure, as well as SCP-500 being able to cure the disease. As far as we know, since SCP-049's arrival to the Site in which he is contained, all he has be given to operate on is Class D personnel. During the times in which is "accompanied" to testing areas, he seems cooperative with both doctors and MTF guards. During the first documentation of SCP-049 speaking was when he was "en route to a testing facility." In which he said to Dr. [REDACTED], “Oh, good doctor, I can assure you, the Pestilence is here, and I can sense it. It is my duty in life to rid the world of it..." Which can mean that not only did he not immediately sense the Pestilence in the doctor to which he spoke, but also the guards who escorted him. So here is what all this babbling leads to: What if the Great Pestilence is not a disease of the body, but of the spirit, or soul?

SCP-049, as he stated in the quote prior, "It is my duty in life to rid the world of it." Also, Dr. [REDACTED] states: "I don't know what oh-four-nine and that damned mask talked about, but he seems much happier overall. He no longer seems to simply sit and mope around in his cell, and several staff have claimed to hear him humming old church hymns." He sings old church hymns, "senses" the Pestilence in people, and claims it is his DUTY to rid the world of it.

So once again, what if it is a taint upon a person's soul, from doing horrific acts so foul it corrupts them, that he senses? Thus the doctor, though he sends Class D personnel to their death in some cases no doubt, has never done anything DIRECTLY to taint his soul? What if SCP-049's cure is the purging of a person's soul, utterly destroying who they once were and leaving behind the dark and evil shell of the human coil but freeing them. (in his eyes of course, or maybe not? No one truly can understand such things...)
So in this case SCP-500 could not cure the player because it is his soul that is tainted not his body.

Also, I wholly support the percentage chance of having the Pestilence or not. As SciZoroark said, though offering the "what if you were a doctor," just because you are a Class D does not mean you could have the possibility of being innocent. What if you were framed, an accomplice who did not murder but did not stop the murder, or if you were truly repentant for your ill deeds of the past?
This all hinges upon the central idea of all this typing though: The Great Pestilence that SCP-049 seeks to cure is not an illness of the body, but the corruption of a person's soul. His cure is cleanses their soul, but in turn kills them... or not...

Just an idea... :wink:

Also, I apologize if this is a just a jumbled mess.

This is a very well written insight of the mind of SCP-049. I'm not saying that your theory is correct as his creator/writer only knows, but it's a darn good analytical approach of a possible motivation of this creature. It makes SCP-049's motives and actions take on weight and thus is much more interesting when seen in that light, just my opinion. If it is true that 049 senses a corrupt soul, if that really IS correct canon, man that would make this SCP my favorite since I think that puts him on a whole new level. Also, I noticed that we have SCP 173, 106 and 096 smilies. I would really like to see a SCP-049 smilie if possible. :wink:


SCP 049 has too much of a small role for the moment.
I'd like to suggest another gate (Gate C).
Initially it is closed off to the player unless SCP 106 is contained, he has not issued a deal with SCP 079/hasn't done it and has found gate A. (which since 106 is contained is not passable).
My idea is a few guards attempt to escape through a door initially closed off to the player near SCP-49's containment area. There are two items the player needs to get to use this ending, the ID card, held by the first guard nearest to the door, and the Password to Gate C (A randomized keycode) held by the guard that managed to escape from SCP-49 and eventually dies, which is when the keycode can be picked up, or alternatively, the code can be found in a monitor somewhere in the facility.

ID Card has only one use, letting the player into the room with Gate C, then the keycode that authorizes the elevator. (The elevator goes to Gate A, but under the bridge.)

So here is the full idea

The player finds a small closed-off room that requires a key-card near SCP 49's containment chamber, which can not be opened by any key cards for the moment. Only the Level 5 card will do that and even then it will say "It appears to be locked"

When all requirements are met, if the player comes across the door it will be opened and there will be some chatter inside about if they are actually going to get out.

If the player enters, he will find a two-way hall, Left leading to where SCP-49 spawns (and chases the surviving guard) and right, where Gate C entrance is, and the two guards. There would be some brief conversation and suddenly SCP-49 comes from the left, who may or may not notice the player, which depends on where they are and if they are crouching or standing.
If the player is noticed, SCP-49 will quickly attempt to kill him and then deal with the guards, if he does not see, he will deal with the guards (one escapes) and the other gets killed. Guard 2 flees to the left and SCP-49 chases him, and once again, may or may not notice the player.
While the guard is being chased, the player has a chance to go inspect Gate C, and find the ID card help by the dead guard. Then, if the player proceeds to the left he will find Guard 2 dead or alive. When guard 2 dies SCP-49 will start the operation, which is the players chance to get the Keycode note, if they didn't already have it. If the note is picked up or the player comes into SCP-49's field of view he will be noticed and SCP-49 will then become hostile and stop the opperation and begin chasing him. The player must get back to Gate C and get into the elevator to trigger the same ending A, except the event at Gate B is happening and all available personel at the bridge are moving downstairs to get to gate B, the player must get into the tunnel before the guards go downstairs to escape.

Is it good?


The Plague Docter wrote:I have come to agree On your Idea Steelpoint, Some SCP are capable of Conversation The only 2 That are Capable of it, and do not currently have this Feature Gamewise are, 049 and 682. Therefore I believe it would be a good idea to add such Behavior to SCP-049.
FUN FACT: SCP-079 and SCP-990 also talk.


NOTE: 049's chamber often has a glitch that makes the room door where he comes from open. Also I often see gate B clipped into 049's room and sometimes I cant even leave. I even once saw NO zombies and when 049 often comes out of his room he usually has no animation.


SCP-Sean wrote:NOTE: 049's chamber often has a glitch that makes the room door where he comes from open. Also I often see gate B clipped into 049's room and sometimes I cant even leave. I even once saw NO zombies and when 049 often comes out of his room he usually has no animation.
Shouldn't that be in the bug report section?
Do you think NASA invented thunderstorms to cover up the sound of space battles?


Hey folks. This is the original author of 049. It has been a while since I've done much with the main site, but I recently found this message board and I just want to say I'm incredibly impressed with all of the amazing theories everyone has regarding 049 and the pestilence.

In addition, if anyone actively involved in CB is interested in getting any assistance depicting 049 as was originally envisioned, please do not hesitate to contact me, as I am very excited to see 049 have a bright future in CB.

Thank you to everyone here. I absolutely love seeing people who enjoy 049, and to hear him referred to as "favorite"among all SCPs makes my weary, bitter old heart melt.
Keter. It rhymes with better.


GIMLI_2 wrote:scp 049 is also my favourite scp, it should appear more often, or there should be a MUST HAVE in the room where scp 049 appears. until now i can just pass it
Maybe there could be some control panel in the room and the player would have to activate the elevators in order to progress?
Do you think NASA invented thunderstorms to cover up the sound of space battles?


It's nice to see 049 has gotten updates. I like the new 049-2s and 049's new mask is absolutely beautiful. Too bad it seems 049 suffered from a lot of bugs like problems with killing the player and pathfinding issues. As far as posts in the bug reports section goes, it seems the killing bug is fixed so he can actually harm the player, but his pathfinding is awful. D:

Not sure about anyone else, but his speed seems awkward now. I like that he's faster, but the animation + speed seems awkward somehow. He seems to be as fast as the MTF units, which I can understand why they're at a brisk pace, but even with them I think their animation and speed just don't match (they could at least be jogging or something). I would rather have a slow 049 that makes a small charge at the player when he gets close than MTF unit 049. o3o Not sure how difficult that is to control and code, though.

I think his new zombies still have their arms in positions like they're holding guns like their regular model counterparts have. Would be nice to see their arms either at their sides hanging limply, or arms sort of outstretched and reaching for the player. I do really like that they seem to have been guards that 049 got a hold of, though!

Nice to see that it seems 049 can use the elevator, too. c: That's a wonderful touch.

I also still stand by my previous post as far as other things like endings, etc are concerned.