Re: [0.8.2] T-Shaped Hallway before First Room

I've had this problem to! Every time I encounter it, it always has the event where the scientist comes from the ceiling (You know by this dude --> :106: ). They only way I get around this is by finding the first room. I do this By going in a random direction and then if its the wrong way I go the other way. (If you get what I mean)

Edit: I understand it more now, its kind of a tweak, one leads to a end room and there was a new event there (It scared me, I didn't know that would happen, but hey, the janitors running animation is funny though.) and the other leads to the closets room, however there is a bug where it will be a lock room (with the gas)
and if you are lucky, you won't have SCP-173 in there!
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