173's spawn is REALLY screwy

173 has this tendency to appear in adjacent rooms. For example, he'll be in one room and while I'm looking at him, I'll back into another room, but 173 is coded to spawn there as well, so he'll disappear form the first room and spawn in the next, usually killing me in the process. Also, he can warp through walls. I've once had him spawn right on top of me in one of the tesla hallways, and glitch through the blast door above the maintenance tunnels.

Basically, 173 needs to have his spawn system and movement fixed.

Re: 173's spawn is REALLY screwy

I know the feel bro.
I hate it when he spawns on the bridge going above the servers, plus he seems to go up into the air sometimes and spawn next to the bridge and fall, or get his head stuck in the bridge.
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Re: 173's spawn is REALLY screwy

He's managed to:

Warp from nowhere in the server section
Go through the wall and kill me when he's in the small testing room with the window
Get on the bridge above the servers
Kill me inside the maintenance elevator, when the door didn't even open yet
Kill me randomly. No rhyme or reason, just death.

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