Idea for the Game: Security Clearance, ID Terminal and ID Locks

As an avid Barotrauma Captain i like to play and often host public Lobby's with large amount of players. Often running a tweaked Berilia or Kastrull Campaign Lookout for Lobby "Hellish Campaign" on 100%difficulty. I come often into Problems regarding the Inbetween of roleplay and functional gameplay up to malicious content based on Classes and their access.
While i like a bit of Roleplaying in my Round,
having a constantly drunk Mechanic running around fixing stuff an stealing alcohol from the medic or the occasional discussion whether our engineer should have access to the security Room to get an SMG when hell breaks lose on board and we have 2Sec's.
things get Problematic when seconds after round begin's an Mechanic runs into the Medical room and stealing Morphine and husk egg's aswell as the syringe gun and start's blasting or a Security takes the Grenades running into Reactor overloading it and throwing the frags in, the Game becomes frustrating and it even sometimes ends the campaign even if the Person got kicked/banned fast enough. that's why i propose this Idea and how it may function.

Security Clearance
While already in the Game this Feature can easily be Expanded with minimal Programming (as far as i know) in a couple different Ways
Way 1: Security Level
This one is pretty self explanatory altough from lowest upwards is probably best since it allows for easier adding of new Levels/Classes so it goes as following
0: Admin 1: Captain 2: Security 3: Medic 4: Engineer 5: Mechanic 6: Assistent
Different Level can have associated extra accesses like medic: toxin cabin.
More to it in the Terminal.

Way 2: The Branch specific
This Way sees everyone on equal Clearance however gives you only access depending on your class with certain benefits Mechanic and Engineer have access to all Room's for Repair, but not to some lockers or consoles. Yet Security has Access to all Lockers, but not the Generator except for the off Button. Beeing able to interact with these Parts see ID Locks. This Way gets changed by the Terminal as a whole.

Way 3: The Personal
This is also relativ self explanatory the ID will be isued at the begin of the round and can then be changed specifically in the Terminal default Security applies.

The ID Terminal

The ID Terminal itself is a small interactable selfpowered Computer near or in the Bridge with 1item Slot for ID Cards and a Console. When the Slot is filled and a Person Interacts with it the Interacting Person's Keycard will control what Options are available for the inserted ID. The Options are:
  • Change Clearance LVL (Way: 1) to be promoted/demoted
    Change Branch Switching between Jobs
    Change Access for Specific Groups of Items like Tresor's or Toxic Cabinet
    Collect If you find ID Cards on sunken Ships you can collect them to maybe get some credits as Death comfirmed boni
    Shredder destroy's inserted ID High Clearance needed
    Issue new Identityself explanatory High Clearance needed
    Approve Lock See Locks High Clearence needed
    And a Captain only Overrride all Classes as a button for Emergency to give everyone Access to everything
This Terminal however can be breached to Issue High Clearance by using a screwdriver if attempted gives out a warning Signal and about 20seconds of breaking

The ID Locks

Matching to the the ID Terminal these Locks can be self crafted and inserted however need to be approved afterwards. They block the Rewire option on default and must be first cleared to access them. However they can also be overridden again with an alarming sound and a 10second breaking.
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