Can someone help me with this?

So i cant post things to the GITHUB bug reports. So i will say it here. One day i was wanting to play barotrauma so i installed a new update (BY DOWNLOADING A NEW GAME.) I then started up the game and my windows defender says that its a harmful file and they recommend i dont run it. So what i do is i run it anyway. THEN an error message pops up saying "The application was unable to start correctly (0xc00000e5). Click OK to close the application." So im in need of help as i have tried everything that i could do.

Also i have problems downloading the game from saying that the page took too long/couldn't load.

Thanks for looking at this. Please tell me how to fix this...

Re: Can someone help me with this?

Didn't have a definitive answer so I left this, but since no one else has posted, I would suggest running as administrator, making barotrauma an exception to your virus protection software, and if that fails, restart and reinstall.

Not a tech expert, but hopefully it helps bud. I feel for you.