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yonzo_rikuo wrote:i wonder how the most systematic ship will look like
I'm obviously biased but I set out with the goal to make that ship, and this is what it looks like, note the bullet points: viewtopic.php?f=18&t=4689&start=20#p103641
The airlocks between sections kills your concept, honestly. Having to don a diving suit just to get from one place to another in the boat is pretty much the furthest from efficient or systematic one can get. I am unable to get a screenshot because the latest version doesn't work on my computer (also why I have ceased working on boats) but I made a MK II of the Gato which is essentially an extremely compact/efficient design. Everything is in-line with other systems, junction boxes are all in one area, it has everything the boat needs to operate without much extra space. With your boat, if someone is on the far left side and a breach occurs on the far right, the boat is going to slam into the bottom of the map or plunge deep into the abyss by the time they can get over to fix it. It's also terrible when you consider how the boat hitboxes are formed.
I think he meant the set up of the power system, which is pretty decent considering there's two separate reactors and they work quite well (the easy power reroute was a nice addition, having backup reactors is always nice)

In general I think separated sub designs encourage (force) people to actually adhere to their assigned jobs, at least that was the idea with the Mako. In the case of his ship you have all the engineering jobs evenly distributed between the two parts of the ship most likely to be hit (lower extremities, left and right extremities) so unless everyone's dead, floods aren't usually an issue.

Though the issues I have with that sub in practice is that the railgun room is actually very hard to repair similar to your example, and yeah the hitbox is a little wonky because of the ^ shape

Oh, and I've updated the Mako and Pharaoh subs:!mRMnlQoR!Yz6OmJxtujcm ... 5RP53yHuNU!7cdnTbDK!_PUaXYYAInEq ... eOH0zpIq7k

And an up-to-date repo now that Rik is gone(?):!qdNWhSAQ!VeZj1Sq8r_AjBVd6VOnELQ
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mbelegu wrote:I don't think barotrauma currently has enough active players for even one ship...even less for downloadable ships hidden in the game forum.
It used to, unfortunately no one is hosting anymore

in any case you can use these ships in singleplayer as well

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I'll probably make a new ship when the next update drops.
Lots of bug fixing.
P.S. I won't be updating the old designs as I post them, barring existing issues.
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New Avalon mk6
originally by asialsky

updated for version

added materials, fire extinguishers, underwater scooters, a hatch(!), adjusted engine situation, added batteries to rail-guns, adjusted size of ballast, adjusted previous item amounts.!wFgi2biK!0SK-VsV3uqa3 ... mS4pi8fyE4
(edited download link, sub name in .sub file should match file name now)
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updated repo:!3MUDiAJb!6FxQW3qXBTmcXBmBppQCfw
updated Mako:!uI0QGLTD!BfgGEHFdGHEb ... BuzsfMhHxw
updated Pharaoh:!2ENGVKbR!FFz_Y8gwXvd_ ... chD8e-vG-Y
added Hammerhead:!7UUWAC5C!3w2GLJ7eBmJu ... 0wVgtcRuEg
added Basking:!2NUWiBpD!uBkn1UuOCXXe ... 3PHmGEB3DE
added Imperator:!PZ82wbwB!VHkDdDDqe_oo ... Z6Yk_NJpbI

remember, if you're reapplying the repo, delete everything but the default subs THEN drop the custom subs in the folder (so old subs not in the repo don't stay in your folder)
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