Re: Stupid wiring question


I would like to know this too, can't find anything anywhere about removing wire connections on the Submarine Editor.

All I do when I want to rewire something is to completely delete both the power supply and where the wire is connected to, making me remove ALL the wires just because of one wrong wire.

Deleting everything just to rewire something is seriously tedious for something this complex to make, this can't be the only way to do it.

At least, hopefully not. :,(

Re: Stupid wiring question

chikoeduardo wrote:Hover the mouse over the electronic device and press [E], then just grab the wire you want to remove and either pull it outside the editing box or into an inventory slot.
I do believe he was talking about the editor, not in game.
I can usually help with things, depends on what it is though, feel free to ask if you need help with problems on your games.

Re: Stupid wiring question

chikoeduardo wrote:That's how it works in the editor. It's just the paused game with lighting and other features turned off.
I don't think its paused, if you put on a mask or a suit with oxygen in a character mode the oxygen will get used. Also you can cuff yourself in editor xD