Multiplayer Campaign works fine, except...

except the fact that your characters get deleted after every mission.

it's fun managing your money or having your crew members ask you for certain things to buy.
sadly, whenever we reach the ending of a mission, our characters get deleted and new characters spawn at the start of a new mission.
this results in a total loss of materials, because the submarine stays as it is.

so, after we restocked ourselves the first few times, we noticed that we were all out of tools. and having to rebuy every tool after each mission is expensive.
dropping all of our stuff onto the grounds gets also annoying, as sometimes when we start we get immediately attacked by small shrimp and out stuff flies everywhere.
in the end, stuff gets a bit annoying.
especially since we throw our overalls onto the ground so we can rush easier into our diving suits when we have a tiny leakage.
(overalls EVERYWHERE!)

i'd like it if the player characters are saved to player "accounts" that you can set up on every server, or right now, just tied to ip or username only.

fixing this one issue would make the campaign mode totally playable in multiplayer, and we could spend so many hours scraping for materials^^
now if there only was a sell mode so we could sell stuff from the ruins we find...