AuroraTrauma Heavy RP server!

Hello! Some of you may know me and some of you may not! I am Clever_Seas I hosted and admin'd in the past. My friends wanted me to host a new Heavy Roleplay Server, for Barotrauma, its been up for a good week or two. And we have gained players rapidly within our discord. Our server is now using the BTE MOD, latest version. The Server is called AuroraTrauma, its a passworded server to prevent grief and mischief. The password changes every so often.

Our server, AuroraTrauma, has its own history and lore! You can create your character in our discord right here!
We are in need of active players.

If you are looking for a serious Roleplay server for BaroTrauma, with characters, and lore. Join our discord.

Please and thank you.