BT Public Server - Oceanic Empire

Alpha 0.0.0

Oceanic Empire

Hello! I am John Karbel! I am here to advertise my new server Oceanic Empire


★Currently has 30 slots
★The server can reach up to 128 slots
★The owner is quite active
★Searching for staff
★Server it's on his alpha stage
★Every review and suggestion is welcome
★The server is hosted on a dedicated service
★No lag
★24/7 online
★Everyone is welcome to play on it
★No admin abuse
★Trolls/griefers will get banned as soon as we detect them

I have some good selected maps, and I'll add more in the future
If something is wrong with the server you can tell me in this topic. Currently we need more players to play on it! If there is too many slots I can lower them up.
This is one of the best non-lag hosts for barotrauma I've tried. I recommend it! They help you with every bug/mod/script etc! They are almost all-day online waiting to help someone else! If you need a host for you barotrauma server you can try this site! You can have up to 128 slots!
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Re: BT Public Server - Oceanic Empire

Thanks to JohnKarbel us here at have the mods that this server is running as a one click install. No hastle, No having to use Filezilla! We make your time with us as easy as possible as we understand that you want your own server, not a headache. If you have any mod suggestions for us we can turn them into one click installs for our clients. Get a server today!

5% off your first purchase if you let us know JohnKarbel sent you.
If you have an questions regarding our services

We have a 24/7 Live chat support that is here to answer all your questions.

Re: BT Public Server - Oceanic Empire

Alpha 0.0.2

Thanks for supporting me! Today we hit more than 20 players!

★I added 102 more maps to choose from!
★I added the auto-join message, and the rules i'll need to update soon!
★AscendServers is supporting our server! If you say that I sent you on their website!

I will work at Oceanic Empire discord server, and there you can apply for a rank. If you are active and you do good with your rank, we can upgrade it!
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