Changing the Debug Console Buttons

The Debug Console is something for use in Single Player and Single Player only. Many would agree with this, but i'm not here about that. As I play Barotrauma, the Debug Console always pops up when i'm in a Multiplayer game. I can't close it, as F3, the button used to close the Console, doesn't work. (BTW, F1-12 buttons are used in some way on every laptop, so yeah) What I am proposing is changing the Debug Console button t something better that everyone could use. For xample, you oculd make the Debug Console button B, or maybe a combination of keys, like Ctrl+B. This is something that I really hope gets changed, as I can't pay any Multiplayer games due to this bug. I really hope to hear from you Devs soon.
~Velonaceps Calyx