Suggestion: Complete medical system rework

- A person is not able to tell exactly what ailment they have (the game does not tell you 'opiate overdose' or 'husk infection'). Instead, upon inspection, it simply gives you a list of symptoms, of which there's always one or two telltale signs of different diseases or dangers.

- Instead of an overall vitality, a patient has individual health ratings for each of their limbs and they can have a limb die, become infected, or become irreparable and still survive overall.

- It could be much easier to visually see if a person has a medical ailment -- some diseases will change their appearance (add rashes or boils) and others could impair their movement, make them seize, or garble their speech.

- Very rare pre-determined medical conditions belonging to individuals which can crop up during the mission.
eg. 1: John Doe has asthma, which means at random 10-20 minute intervals he'll have an asthma attack. Unless he has treatment on hand, the attacks can impair his ability to function, communicate, and live.
eg. 2: Jane Doe has schizophrenia, which forces her to put up with hallucinations and, when attempting to communicate with the crew, garbled speech and confusion.

- Many more symptoms and ailments than already existent in the game.
Seizures, heart attacks, blindness, infection, syncope (fainting), numbness, and more.

- Diseases which can spread via contact with or transmission from other infected crewmembers (similar to velonaceps calyx/husk).
Influenza, SARS, HIV, polio, malaria

fictional examples:
Europavirus - respiratory disease which infects a human's lungs and, without treatment, seriously injures or suffocates them
Aeragra worm - infectious parasite which reproduces on the dermis and passes through contact; causes extreme headaches and
impairs vision
Red flu - causes apthemia, a symptom where blood coagulates in the arteries in sections of the body, and also usually is
characterised by an infection of the tongue or eyes
Mudraptor sores - results from contact with some types of mudraptor; results in cysts and rashes appearing all around the body and can sometimes develop so much, it renders the patient blind, deaf, or mute

The game could also randomly generate viruses which will start in a random patient zero and spread virulently through the crew, or it could implement disease mutations which could render an infection unstoppable.

- In order to prevent infection, crewmembers must quarantine the patient or treat them and also wear protective clothing if it's serious enough. Hand- and eye-
washing stations could be included around the submarine, which if forgotten to be used, could allow someone to become infected.

- If a non-severe wound is left unchecked or untreated, it may become infected.