Some Ideas for Barotrauma

I just recently got this game and have been playing a lot, I apologize if any of these ideas have already been thought up, I only did a brief scan of existing content ideas. I have thought about these ideas quite a bit so if their is follow up questions let me know!

- Ghostown!

Game Modes

Mission: Rescue/Save Colony
On this mission you must navigate to a small science or mining outpost and save NPCs from a Husk infestation or Crawler infestation. A Timer will start at the begining of the round counting down until the Breach occurs. Success when Enemies are eliminated or Survivors (Unconscious NPCs?) are brought aboard the ship.

Mission: Heist
On this mission you must infiltrate an outpost (Possibly Military) and steal a item. The outpost will have many different security measures to overcome and a Security team on hand. Alternatively this could also be a mission where you must infiltrate a Mud-raptor Cave and steal Eggs for research.

Versus: Team Capture
In this game mode the server roster is split at random into 2 teams who must each operate a sub to a central location, overcoming obstacles along the way. When they reach the Location they must work their way to a target item or location before the other team does and get it aboard their ship. The Ships will not engage in Sub battle but will be challenged by creatures on their way to the Central Location.

Add Chest Item: Utility Pack (Craftable)
There is currently no craftable Item to increase storage, It seems that people who want additional storage should forfeit either Armor or a Dive Suit.

Add Camera to Crafting Table:
Many times have I wanted to add a Camera to a Public server Submarine and run the line to a Periscope.

Component: Alternator
As far as I know there is not a component that will alternate through multiple inputs. This would be great to re-route power for certain Equipment or give a Camera (Security Camera) the ability to switch between multiple feeds.