Rescue Missions

Any way we could get a rescue mission instead of just drowned hulks? Ideas would be:

-Live NPC's that need to be rescued from a wreck
-NPC's would be located in an intact portion of the wreck, with oxygen supply
-Missions would be timed based on oxygen supply remaining for wreck and occupants
-Additional equipment, such as a portable water pump and battery power supply would be needed, then players could repair a portion of the ship and create an airlock... Then players can transport diving suits for the NPC's. Alternatively some type of rescue mini sub or something could be used to create an air-tight hole in the hull.
-Monster(s) can be guarding the wreck.
-Maybe partial completion for retrieving the bodies if timer runs out?

It would mix up the 'check this along the way' quests I think, with (hopefully) not too much additional work.